August 2, 2014: A WEbinar on Conscious Transformation

Making the Invisible VisibleThis event will be a spiralling journey on the Spatial-Temporal Nexus, the Pattern. During this experience you will discover how dying left a new knowledge that is leading to a deeper understanding of life! An interactive dialogue you will explore your personal patterns in the new light of a Universal Pattern!

Follow the link above to learn more and register!

A finishing…

Footprint in Eternity Cover smallToday I’ve met my goal of completing the new book, “A Footprint in Eternity” before 01 July, and so it is that with a deep sense of relief and release it goes to the publisher on Tuesday. The cover image was lots of fun as I imagined returning and reweaving the strands of the cosmic tapestry to place my right footprint into Eternity, the amazing space and time that too many confuse and ‘the end’ when it is in every way a new beginning.

One more day and then my body, mind and spirit anticipate enjoying a mental respite which is a long overdue ‘holiday’, my paintbox out and fresh canvases awaiting! 🙂