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The Mereon Matrix

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A Fundamental Axiom

A Fundamental Axiom


All matter, you, a toad and the pond scum it swims in, a dirt-rimed rock and a flawless diamond arose from the ‘nothingness’ that pervades the universe. Your Youniverse is made of stardust, embers from a colossal cosmic sparkler but what makes you and everything else unique, different, is the difference in how this luminous energy was stirred into life.

Having touched death three times I’ve realised how grand an opportunity a lifetime truly is. A remarkable chance to remember who you are and what this lifetime is all about, a big part of the task is remembering what you’ve forgotten. It requires finding what’s been hidden and reclaiming what you have misplaced or lost and what’s been stolen from you. But more importantly its remembering that you are the find, the treasure awaiting discovery.

‘DISCOVERING YOUR YOUNIVERSE & Living Plan Be’ presents the understanding of a new knowledge that’s been investigated in science for almost twenty years. It shares how this knowledge has been applied to human development in ‘ReVisioning My LifeCourse’ playshops for almost as long. Based on the emergence of a Pattern of patterns, a simple dynamic that arises as the motion in the complexity of The Mereon Matrix , in you discover how unity arises through diversity, starting with two distinct forms, a Context and a Core. You will learn how both unite all the fundamental forms that make everything in our universe and how this singular process demonstrates that you are interconnected in time and space with everything.

As a member of a Cosmic Tribe that regularly asserts to ‘know that they know’, you, like most, probably struggle even as you faithfully (another word for ‘habitually’) repeat the same old pattern all the while hoping for a new, better or different outcome. A lifetime is a lesson in progress and Living Plan Be enables you to pave or trail blaze a path to The Fountain of You. From there you can grow with the flow and remember who you are. As you advance with each new step what you recover is freedom and in this knowing and knowledge you experience what it is to be lovable and begin to find your way home to the place where you truly belong.

An excerpt from “Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be”.

2 comments on “A Fundamental Axiom

  1. mariengrace says:

    ahhhh Lynnclaire — I am slowly ingesting and absorbing Discovering your Youniverse and LPBe. I am in the chapter about InQ now, and nearly every sentence is needing extra chewing. Quite the rich meal, my dear! After listening to you about Time, the first line that opened to me as I reopened the book today seemed to exactly reference what you were expressing. I hadn’t picked up in reading so far the importance of how you are viewing Time. Now every reference to Time is ringing off the page. You have a point of view that I can see is expanding me to a potential of much greater coherence. I love being confronted with what I don’t yet know, and feeling the wonder of curiosity and growth. Thank you thank you.

    I am feeling the intensity of your mission flowing here. I acknowledge that this new (for me) attitude, or Knowing, that you carry of “LPBe mandates making a ‘best’ plan and tenaciously following it” is rattling my more habitual laid-back-ness (that I admit may be tinged with sloth), while at the same time I honor that my pattern of “easy” for me is a deep trust in the flow of the universe. But to truly acknowledge that my participation is not only loved, but perhaps essential in this contact improv(e) dance of life we are on, well, time to get off my “but” and energize the radiance!

    Shake that rattle! Ring that bell!


    1. Anonymous says:

      Today has been a day of gratitude as my heart has overflowed with the knowing that someone ‘gets it’ what this small book is really about… Marien Grace, it took months and months to distill an ocean of knowledge down to what is in that book. That you, after years of studying and teaching sacred geometry, are growing in your understanding is a gift… Your name plus the energetic outpouring of love you have shared reaffirms my knowing that my life Purpose is being lived on purpose. Thank you. Lynnclaire


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