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The Mereon Matrix

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One Woman’s Tree of Life

First, let me apologise for the poor quality of this image which is due to the simple fact that the photograph was taken more than a decade ago.

Since my work with the Mereon Matrix began, inconceivably almost thirty years ago, my focus has been on where geometry is found in global cultural traditions. Ancient wisdom and the concept of dynamic geometry as ‘sacred’ has long been more than a metaphor in how I’ve sought to understand the sequential dynamics of relationship.

This painting was done as a commission for a friend who may only now understand it, the sequence between the forms and nature now laid out twice: first in “The Mereon Matrix; Unity, Perspective and Paradox”; and in “Discovering Your Youniverse”.

The water is the emotions flowing gently over the land; the octahedron in blue is symbolic of the stabilising force in her life, her husband; the space between them symbolises their shared universe; the first Kepler/Catalan solid highlights her essential nature, that of being able to run a ten ring circus! And from this the branches of her life, her children, her work and her passion grow out into the world.

A whole and w-holy system indeed.

Lynnclaire Dennis

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