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7 comments on “With joyous and loving remembrance

  1. Adriana says:

    This is beautiful. I lost my mother on March 28, 2014, and I have been lost ever since.


    1. Lynnclaire says:


      I so understand. My Mom’s passing was not anticipated and when it happened every ‘pin’ supporting my heart was knocked out from under me. Truthfully, I didn’t know the length of the river that would find their way in the form of tears but I can tell you that I wept an ocean for 11 months. It was on her birthday that this font seemed to slow to a trickle.

      Parents and children have complicated relationships and neither the loss of a parent or a child is understood by those who have not experienced it. I do.

      Ariana, give yourself time and treat yourself gently and well as you find the good, sweet and wonderful seeds of memory. Plant them in your body, heart, mind and spirit and nurture them well for the fruit that grows will be your legacy and carry her love to the generations that follow.
      Love to you,


      1. Adriana says:

        Dear Lynnclaire,

        Thank you for your beautiful and comforting words. My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your beloved mother. That is a lovely photo of your mother in your book. You wrote so expressively about how it devastated you to lose her, that I felt your words echoed my own heartbreak. And I am sorry that you had to endure that carelessly cruel comment by “a friend” upon losing your mother (which you wrote about in your book). I have also found myself shattered by certain comments or casual attitudes of those whom I had previously considered close to me.

        I have read so many NDEs over the years (it is almost a hobby with me to read about them), but yours has always stood out magically among them all, which is why I suppose I immediately hastened to find my copy of The Pattern after losing my Mom, so as to re-read it for comfort. It helped me so much to read again about your experience of being reunited with your grandmother in some timeless realm, the flower-filled mountain from childhood, the dress made of stardust that floated above your skin because Love did not want even the slightest weight impinging on you, and The Music and the mysterious Pattern.

        And now I am reading “A Footprint In Eternity.” But I am not reading it in the usual swift way that I read books. It is so rich that I find myself taking in one page a day.

        I have highlighted many parts, and I love the part where you say that it is not our thoughts that create our reality (what a relief!) but rather “The tone of your words and the resonance generated by your actions is what creates your realities and the world we share.” I am so intrigued by that statement, and am guessing that you don’t mean it metaphorically but rather that literally the “tone” of our words connect somehow to musical tones in The Music in Mereon to produce matter? Does the tone of our words carry a vibration, and is that something we consciously control? I don’t even know if I am choosing the right questions. I know what I am trying to ask, but I am not sure I am expressing it correctly!

        Warmest regards and grattitude,


        1. Lynnclaire says:

          Adriana, thank you so much for sharing your experiences… Hardly a day goes by without Mom running through my mind and she always brings a smile.
          As for ‘tone of voice’: I do indeed intend to say that it is literally the tone of our words that has more impact than what we say. The tone is the vibration and it either generates a meaningful connection or it damages our inner realm, and our with the one who is speaking. Adriana, from painful experience, I know too well what verbal abuse has done/does to my body, heart and mind, and how quickly it damages my inner space and injures my spirit. Again, this is certainly another important topic for a Sunday dialogue! Love to you!


  2. landscapesinger says:

    After reading this beautiful post, I went into the garden and when I looked up into the sky Spirit Wind had created a beautiful Joyous Cloud Angel, for me it was a confirmation of being heard and understood. There is a Radiance in your gift. Thank You Dear One xoxox

    Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 08:39:27 +0000 To:


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Dear Hannah, remember always that you/we can only see in others what it true within us. Love to you, LD


  3. landscapesinger says:

    Beautiful, exquisite, this honouring of mother/daughter, daughter/mother a truth that is Love. I feel the Grace and Generosity of your sharing this tender and joyous bond of abiding Love. I am deeply moved and humbled by the power of Love. Thank You Lynnclaire.


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