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4 comments on “Abundance and Flow

  1. landscapesinger says:

    I love these Posts as they convey a deep understanding of the hunger that is felt by so many who long for Truth and Beauty to return. To live in Peace and Harmony, I found that I must begin with myself. My dear friend’s daughter, who is in Spirit, recently indicated by way of a different method of healing with a new pendulum language, “By small Adjustments we learn our lesson.” So many times this lovely axiom has been called to mind, asking for patience when in my haste, I’ve rushed when it would have been better to wait. At Times I feel as though an ancient Wisdom Keeper speaks these lovely Posts.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Hannah, we are, one and all, uniquely handmade, all human hands in service to the Universe if we dare to remember.


      1. landscapesinger says:

        Twice that I recall, after shocks, a feeling of being so very ancient and old, although I am old in Earth terms, there is the paradox of being the eternal child, full of the sweetest joy and happiness. I know it is the Great Shift of The Ages, and this year is the year I must step forward and speak my Truth. Some may think I’m maybe a little crazy, but hey, it does not matter! It’s part of the Job!! Blessed Be Hands Many Hands hold Light, Thank You Dear ONE


        1. Lynnclaire says:

          Remember that age is an indication of endurance, proof of our ability to survive! And it’s more and less than a number! Having the courage to live from INSIDE out is an indicator of deep authenticity and health, and I think of it evidence of “IN-SANE”! It is IN-CREDIBLE! I’ve learned that health is my most precious value, that which gives me the ability to be a true participant. And remember that that life is too short and too long to worry about what others might be thinking… especially about me, because chances are they aren’t! Care however, about what they are willing to share with you. Vulnerability is a gift to be treated gently and with loving consideration.
          Rock on in Cornwall Hannah! Be gentle with yourself as you take down those walls for it is indeed, what makes those on the outside curious, and in the end when you’re done they feel safe and are likely to accept your invitation in for a walk in the garden. Love to you.


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