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An Official Release Date! “A Footprint in Eternity”: 20 July 2014!

Feb 14 1991

Unlimited & Unbounded with Levels & Layers 

And so it is that this Monday afternoon, more than 27-years after the Pattern was remembered, the remarkable journey towards Understanding its meaning continues.

The lessons, while sometimes a challenge, are never failed, because each experience takes us deeper into the diversity that is our Unity.

The joy of discovering something perceived as Whole requires pealing the proverbial onion.

Unlimited in our potential our greatest opportunity is to first penetrate the wall of ego. It’s to dry the tears that fall when cutting through sheets of fear.

So often we make this journey alone, our task to traverse the height, breadth and depth of these first layers.

In breaking through to the next we experience the joy of discovering something new. However, when others follow us through, arriving through a different ‘door’, the sheath of obscurity and loneliness dissolves as together we celebrate reunion.

This is what makes it possible to learn from one another, and as awe is renewed we are able to go deeper to find a shared entry point into the next new level. It too is filled with infinite possibilities and we may yet find someone waiting for us! As each step inwards takes us closer to the centre, chances are that when we find the seed the source will instantly send us back to a new beginning point.

The grandest opportunities and the richest potential is to remember what we discovered in the journey.

3 comments on “An Official Release Date! “A Footprint in Eternity”: 20 July 2014!

  1. A bit about me.... says:

    Hi Lynnclaire–I’m eager to read this and share in the Truth with you. Eager to realize the jewels awaiting my awareness. Much love!


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Julie, it’s been so hard work writing this book, one I’ve long said wouldn’t be written… Please pass the salt for my crow… I know you will appreciate it because it’s all about love and forgiveness and love and forgiveness and love… 🙂


      1. A bit about me.... says:

        it’s all so perfect, the Now this chose to be birthed in…like a glorious firework.
        thank you!!


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