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Karmic Questioning

 At Karmic Questioning is a long and growing list of questions. This is the forum for sharing your evolving answering. It’s part of the upcoming WEbinar and we look forward to the dialogue there!

My friend Adam, a psychiatrist has suggested that the first be:

What happens when fault becomes our default?

I’ll throw in my thoughts when three others have responded!

6 comments on “Karmic Questioning

  1. landscapesinger says:

    What a starter for a question! After my first reaction of “shit happens!” I went further in to look at cause and effect within a relationship which was stuck, so gave up thinking, and went to bed, asked for guidance, and the next morning I knew what to do. I made a phone call (being responsible) and the situation became much lighter, more in balance. Gratitude for Life and All Teachers.Thank You! P.S. Thinking does not finish a painting, letting go does, hey presto! Majic Happens!


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Hmmm… Hannah about that ‘Letting go does’… perhaps an interesting way to reframe that might be to consider if ‘Letting grow does’?
      Its a lot like the existential lie, ‘forgive and forget’.
      Do we ever really forget?
      I’m not terminally unique in that I do remember who and what and when brought out pain from my body, heart, mind and spirit and time was misplaced and lost.
      Forgetting is a lot like ‘letting go’.
      True alchemy is when we learn to forgive and remember so we don’t repeat the same error again.
      I want to see that completed ‘picture’!
      xoxo lynnclaire


      1. landscapesinger says:

        “Letting GROW does”! Thank you Lynnclaire! I am writing events down as it is akin to expansion of deep inner space. That peace of mind was yet another reminder of how a piece of work resonates -a chord. I must stop keeping it short. Oh,true alchemy happened, what was stuck became unstuck! Love for All xoxo Hannah


  2. A bit about me.... says:

    When will we stop believing the problem is outside of us and live in the joy of responsibility?


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Julie, this drills to the heart of the matter, both the problem and the solution. The first key word is ‘believe’ as it relates to static ‘beliefs’. Responsibility is the ability to respond. Too many of our actions are in fact, reactions; decisions that are not well reasoned or seasoned by reflection…. The other issue is realizing that joy is not = to ‘happiness’. Happiness is one aspect, an expression of joy….


      1. A bit about me.... says:

        Thank you for that Lynnclaire. Yes!


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