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Inspiration, Reclaimation and ReSoulution

In light of the death, destruction, pain and suffering that is tearing bodies, hearts, minds, spirits and our world apart right now, let us encourage you to pause and take a few moments to reflect on why your life matters; how what you do counts; and who and what is nourishing your spirit. Take a deep breath and create a short time out and let the inimitable, self-effacing KD Lang wrap you in Leonard Cohen’s remarkable piece de resistance, “Hallelujah”. A reminder of the healing power of music, hear the words, feel what you feel, see what you see, and give yourself permission to know what you know. It’s time to remember that why we do what we do, including that which is supposedly done in any name we dare to give that which is Noble, truly Good, be it God or the ‘Divine’, it is our human actions that brand the hearts and minds of others.

The question is not what can you do; it is what will you do? How will your actions in the next 24 hours nourish your spirit? What will others see you carrying on your life path? How will what you produce sustain you and benefit those whose lives you touch? Will your words, your song, your dance illumine the world with love?

What truly matters today in light of Eternity? May your fingerprint and footprint be loving and light, marks that matter and count for all time.

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