A Matrix of Mindfulness to Renew the Spirit of Business

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Host and coordinator of this event, Benjamin ‘Ben’ P. Taylor, Managing Partner at RedQuadrant,  invites you to join us as we co-create an experience that will make it clear how to apply the Mereon Matrix to renew the spirit of business.

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Childlike Joie de vivre

aug 31 blog

When my first book, “The Pattern”, was about to be released a wise and trusted adviser asked me, “So Lynnclaire, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

My response was immediate, “Five.”

“No, get serious. What do you want to be in the world?”

Equally serious, my reply was “Five.

A bit frustrated he responded “Lynnclaire the world is going to be expecting a grown up.”

“David, what they expect is their problem.  I am a grown up and my supposed debut will find me engaging in the world with the curiosity, courage and joie de vivre that we rarely see except in 5-year olds, kids who haven’t yet had love, awe and wonder schooled out of their lives.”

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Another perspective

reformed buddhist cartoonThis morning a dear friend shared this cartoon with me, and it’s a perspective I don’t share, something those who know me well will attest is no surprise! 🙂

Ask yourself:

  • What if there are no ‘mistakes’?
  • What if our errors are simply a way to navigate the flow –learning to steer clear from the rocky shores we’ve all crashed on, but thankfully survived?
  • What if we learned to step out of the looming oncoming shadows we meet on the path?

From my perspective this lifetime is an amazing gift! It’s an opportunity to learn to love more fully so that we can exit this lifetime without fear, and in doing so return, but the next time with full and complete remembrance of LOVE! When we are willing to do this we become catalysts for TRANSFORMATION, the evolution of  humanity!

The real MAGIC is that we can start our new incarnation today!

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cords and connections

I don’t know about you, but its frustrating when a tangle of cords gets in my way, and only when something goes seriously awry do I crawl under my desk and begin the task of disentanglement, attempting to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Yesterday, however, someone in the neighbourhood accidentally severed a cable and left me, and an untold number of others, without an Internet connection for more than 8 hours. While the impact on a large business that relies on this connection might have been significant, my loss was limited to missing two scheduled conference calls. The problem and the lesson were found in the fact that I use web-mail and the relevant connecting information was in an email. Unable to retrieve it meant that even going old school was impossible because without the phone number I couldn’t call or send an SMS. Even though ‘present’, conditions beyond my control prevented me from keeping a promise, and two friends experienced my not being available after I said I would be.

Everything is Interconnected. Every relationship is dependent upon a series of inner and inter-connections. What we too often forget is that our ability to connect with another is depends upon our willingness to make sure that we’ve established a link between our inner realities, honouring every piece of self, body, heart, mind and spirit. The cut cable was an opportunity to embrace the silence. Emerging from that meditative space, my spirit began to whisper a flurry of questions, remembering experiences,yes, shocks, when I managed to convince myself that plugging into an energy that I’m not wired for was a good idea. To understand what I’m talking about, simply imagine a 2-year old toddling towards a light socket’ with a fork in hand saying “What’s that?”

Knowing I’m not terminally unique, here are a few of the questions my spirit put to my brain and heart:

  • Why do you suffer an ‘inpowerment’ failure when there’s an external cause beyond your control that short circuits your communication with someone you love?
  • “How often do you offer an excuse to account for your absence?”
  • “What goes on inside of you when someone doesn’t do what they’ve said they’re going to do?”
  • “Do you believe the best or assume the worst?”
  • “How often do you offer a compromise when you’ve broken a promise?”
  • “How did you feel when someone shattered a vow?”
  • “When happens to your inner world when you’re speaking and someone interrupts and rudely cuts you off?”
  • “What happens in your body and heart when your head says someone’s blown you off or is shining you on?”

Make it a great day and remember that fun is the first part of ‘fundamental’ when you consciously connect your inner realities and make sure there’s time and space for your body, heart, mind and spirit to cooperate and participate wholly and fully in love.