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5 comments on “Lynnclaire and Lisa Maroski on Gaiafield Radio

  1. “…then there is one child, and this happens to fit the form called a dodecahedron…”-LCD



    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Brenton, my family was laughing as this was the only time I referred to geometry in the entire interview! Something of a record! All the roles in a BeLonging project, be it personal development, kids self-organising and managing their learning environment, or people running a business, are related to the sequence of how geometric forms arise in the dynamics of the system! Think of it as a relay race, where when one ‘unit/form’ is finished, it’s unique competence what permits it to achieved its goal and purpose, it then hands off to the next! No micromanaging; its a matter of competence agreeing to cooperate in regeneration! It totally defines sustainability!


      1. Haha 😉

        I am inspired to refresh my high school geometry.

        Have you applied this paradigm to macro economics?


        1. Lynnclaire says:

          The matrix has indeed been applied to global and local economics. I’m preparing a blog that will address this. It was talked about in the Elsevier book and has been evaluated by a member of the Davos WEF who found it ‘flawless’ even though they said it would take a complete meltdown of ‘what is’ for anyone to consider its implementation. I think that tipping point has come and gone. The issue/question is, is there a group willing to start? We are and we’re getting ready to issue a call to a New Dream Team… Ciao for now! Keep the Music flowing my friend! LD


  2. landscapesinger says:

    Dearest Lynnclaire a very beautiful In-lightsong for All Our Hearts, much Love and Gratitude for You and Lovely Lisa!
    Hey There! All Teachers PLEASE Listen Up Do! Words Of Wisdom to Create For You, A Class That Really Works WITH YOU.


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