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Ending Relationshi^

Shame is the most destructive of human emotions. A legacy of self-loathing, it isn’t yours. It was dumped on you by someone who was unwilling to carry its ponderous mass any longer.

Head to the Cosmic Loo,  turn on the lights, lock the door and stay until you’re able to get rid of the offal of shame. Use grace to flush this toxic waste and as it spirals down the drain, feel yourself lighten up.

Make sure to use the soap of self-forgiveness to wash up before you exit, and as you leave, inhale the fresh air and exhale gratitude. Then, leaving the shadows, head towards the blue skies and open fields on the other side of the wall. Once you’re there you’ll find that the offshoots of shame –doubt and distrust, and the fear of abandonment and rejection– are wilting because they no longer have the deep layer of emotional muck and mental detritus they need to grow.

Begin to dance in the light and chances are you’ll be surprised by who comes to join you!

3 comments on “Ending Relationshi^

  1. landscapesinger says:

    That entered my Heart, thank you with Love.


  2. landscapesinger says:

    Amazing Astonishing Accurate the timing of this Post is perfect, I am indeed deeply grateful for Life with all the Gifts of Love in it’s myriad forms.
    As grandma, I see repeated patters in relationships and there are small spaces where I may speak, and others when all I can do is to tell them that I Love them.
    The wonder is, I can still wake myself up with my laughter at my crazy paradoxical life; that, yes, I can do life Over The Wall! More Light and Joy as I Love to Dance!
    Thank You dearest Lynnclaire, oh so TRUE those offshoots are wilting, and I am so happy that I am able to relearn to care for my true Being.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      A warm ray of sunshine filled with light and love to you dearest Hannah!


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