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106 days

window towards winterTwo days ago, after 27 months of intense work to heal physically, emotionally and psychologically, even though it was something I hadn’t planned to do until September, I sat down at my computer to begin working on my 5th book. Writing the introduction tears began to fall, and everything in my being knew it was too early.

Closing the manuscript, it was clear that the only way to get through the deep internal process of revisiting the distant and recent passed was to use each word as a strand to begin weaving a cocoon. My inspiration, a friend who just completed a 10-day Vipassana retreat was twinned with the remembrance of deep tranquility experienced during my 24-month meditative sojourn through Wood Valley, my time at Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling.

After a bit of research, I applied for a ‘time-out’, 10-days in the sanctuary of silence at a centre deep in the remote winter woods of Sweden the land of my genetic taproots. The instant the ‘send’ button was pushed the work began, affirmed by 2 nights of vivid dreams. The confirmation of my registration that arrived in my inbox this morning was the “So be it” that my spirit longed to hear.

As the countdown has begun, my body, heart, mind and spirit feel ready to enter into weeks of emotionally hard writing, committed to finishing “THE LOGIC OF LOVE; Bringing a Heavenly minded matter down to Earth for earthly good”. There’s not a shadow of doubt that I shall be a weary caterpillar, thrilled and filled with anticipation as the last thread is spun and put in place to close the cocoon at 04.00 on December 04, emerging 7-days before the Winter Solstice.

One comment on “106 days

  1. A bit about me.... says:

    So thrilled for you!


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