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5 comments on “Question 4 for the Realationship Dialogue

  1. Perhaps, but some women experience easy child birth, yes? in what ratio?(I just did a quick lazy internet search and got nothing to back that up 😉 Aye, we are lite, and are response able for this moment stream. Perhaps the peoples of the world are struggling with ‘the adolescence of their kind’?
    “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.
    Albert Einstein

    Perhaps the beautiful blue green ball we call home will become our grave sooner than our potential is real eyez ed, either by our own actions or action beyond our purview?…I do not know…is that part of the magic of the mystery?

    “Deliciously, the mystery, the mystery”-RHCP
    The baby crying instead of a guitar solo….genius…ty Mr Navarro

    I’m not talking 70%…. ;p , or any commercial/creme refined sugar void of naturally alchemical healing molecules, I’m talking chocolatea bliss….we’re talking nuts from the tree’s with a little bit of the bes sticky/sweet lube. I usually go for bout 50% walnuts 40%cocoa the rest honey…(I forgot the raw and food processor part O.o)


  2. =D

    I started your book in earnest yesterday, and have been enjoying it the majority of the time since, and was at the “numbers as tones” portion, and decided to skip over and see what you were posting today. 😉

    One of my favorite quotes is by fellow far traveler Dannion Brinkley “If it ain’t funny it ain’t spiritual”, it’s been a very spiritual read ;D, …..I have few good priest stories 😉


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Brenton, the Universe does indeed have a sense of humor… My task has long been to cultivate the willingness to laugh and if necessary, to be the punchline should this adventure turn out to be a grand cosmic/karmic joke! LD


      1. Your ø the punchline, it’s the aside’s like “there’s no such thing as too much chocolate”…..1/3 cacao nibs, 1/3 walnuts and 1/3 organic free range honey well maybe a bit more of the first two and tad less of the last…toffee esque texture , but all chocolate flavor. 😀


        1. Lynnclaire says:

          Brenton, we are living through a dark and very challenging time in our world right now… and with more than hope, I dare to trust that it’s like the pangs of pain that precede childbirth; the mother’s eyes squeezed shut in the pain of the push, the babe moving through the dark towards the light. We are the Light. We are the answer we seek. and I freely admit that 70% dark chocolate, Illy coffee, and lovely red wine help make the day’s events a bit easier to digest, and one day they may help lead us to Understanding as conscious loving opens the potential for experiences of genuine peace. 🙂


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