Decisions and Divisions

the fork in the roadMother Nature offers a simple logic to loving that can help you choose which path to take when faced with the inevitable ‘forks in the road’.

What would you receive if you were able to make it a habit and consciously link meaning with measure?

Daring to Dream

if and is web

Bubbles have long been one of my favorite forms, and yesterday while walking for hours through the forest at the base of the alps I captured this image of water flowing into a local farmer’s watering trough. Watching the bubbles form, and observing how what looks like a constant flow is actually made up of interconnected drops was magical, indeed, hypnotic.

All around you the Universe is bubbling with possibilities, opportunities and energy that is available for us to transform into realised potential.

What do you have the love and courage to capture this day?

How will you know when ‘enough is enough’?

The Elixir

elixir of life

Yesterday I captured this image –actually a video– as church bells rang and echoed across the valley. These shimmering droplets, morning dew, seemed to sing and poised like musical notes reminded me how very precious every drop of water is. Today I am grateful for the streaming sunshine, each breath, every step and you.

Make it a wonderful day.