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The Melting Heat of Summer, Hiroshima

Seeing the images on Michael Lai’s blog brought me to tears as once again one of the biggest bullies on the planet is threatening the Children of the world and Gaia without regard for the devastating memories of an unholy war.

Without the diversity that is the key to our unity as humanity, there will be no peace. Peace is a BY-PRODUCT of compassion, understanding and acceptance.

We are the answers we seek; we are the change agents, catalysts for love, that may yet bring about an era of peace.

Who will you love today? How will you bring about peace of mind and in your relationships so that we may begin to see it reflected in our world?

Thank you Michael.



It was terribly hot while we were strolling the Peace Memorial Garden in Hiroshima, Japan.

The sun’s radiation just come directly on us.

There was no place to hide.

All we can do was to walk over to the fountain, in the hope that the water will cool us down, at least a little bit.DSCF0270

I took this photo. The water was gushing up and the buildings behind seemed melting down.

Was this not the feeling some 69 years ago when the first atomic bomb – the Little Fat Boy was dropped at the same place.

Buildings and people in the vicinity of the bomb site just melted; some 70,000 people perished immediately.DSCF0271

Not far from the fountain is this statute showing a woman trying to protect her children from the atomic storm – one in her arm and one clinging behind her.

This clearly shows the great love exhibited by…

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2 comments on “The Melting Heat of Summer, Hiroshima

  1. landscapesinger says:

    Thank You… the Mother and Children brings me to grief within the great sorrow of humanity, the lament that I hear in my dreams comes though me breaking out when I sing freely. Alone in my room, the hidden fear was in my Mum, it was felt in walking to school, hiding under a table and even now a low flying plane presses my fear. Today it is even more so with atom bombs and stock-piles of ego monsters each waiting their turn on the world stage….


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Oh dearest Hannah, how I understand. The price is too high for the world to once again send school children to scramble under their desks, terrorised by alarms that lead to drills based on the lie that this will somehow keep them safe. May this day be a day that more find the courage to say “Enough.”


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