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What colour is your inner world?

your inner world

Everything is vibration.

Look deep inside and ask yourself, “What colour is my inner world today?”  

Take care, realising that your quality of your relationships and environment affect your health and well-being. When you find yourself stressed, confused, or fearful, excuse yourself and go to a safe and quiet place where you can take three deep, conscious breaths and refocus. Such a timeout will blow the cobwebs in mind and heart and you’ll be able to hear the still, soft voice of your spirit.

P.S. Behind closed doors in the loo is one place that no one will dare interrupt you. Anyone who has the gall to do so is one whose energy you might well consider flushing out of your life…

4 comments on “What colour is your inner world?

  1. Adriana says:

    I love that question: What color is my inner world today? When I apply that, I feel as if I can almost instantly change my mood by envisioning my inner world a certain color. Do colors have varying vibrations?


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Adriana, ‘do colours have varying vibrations’– absolutely yes! I’d love to have you join a Sunday dialogue and pose this as a question the group might talk about! Love to you! Lynnclaire


  2. landscapesinger says:

    Thank You! After conscious breaths, Heaven is Here.
    The loo is a haven where you can be a Buddha in the bathroom!


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