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Light in the Cornfield

corn 1a

Yesterday while walking on the edge of a corn field, I heard a sound that reminded me of a choir singing. Looking around to determine its source, what caught my ears led my brain to attempt to deny what I thought my eyes were seeing. Thankfully, I had my camera in hand, macro lens in play, and stepping closer I took a picture hoping to capture what every part of me said was sound and colour. The moment I caught this image, the hair on my arm stood up, and I headed for the house realising that lighting was close! Standing under the awning, I shared the experience with a friend and we went inside to see if the camera had captured what I saw; the tiny filaments on the corn stalk literally glowing with blue light and intermittent spheres.

Indeed, lightning stuck moments later, but some distance away and so we went inside to look at the image you see here. I then chose the area to zoom in to look at, that section outlined here in blue.corn 2a

This image amazed us all. I’m putting it here so you can open it at full resolution. At 300% it’s pretty spectacular. 🙂

corn 3

One comment on “Light in the Cornfield

  1. landscapesinger says:

    Oh! ’tis a Wonderful World with Whiskers Weaving Waves! Blue Earth- Blue Sea- Blue Sky!
    How strange I find myself with my other self that suddenly starts singing in tones and words not informed from “I”, an inner melody returning.
    Love and Deep Gratitude for this picture Post of Universe Singing.


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