‘Happy’ is an event

Human health and well-being and relationships are being torn apart by media outlets that preach ‘more, bigger and better’ is best, and by advertising pundits who hard and soft-sell the lie that things will make you happy. 

Any person, business, religion or political party that is promising you that what they offer will pave continuum of your life with happiness is selling a lie.

My heart literally hurt this morning when I opened the news and read the headline reporting that in the UK  there has been a ‘massive’ upsurge in teen suicide. FACT: Great Britain is not terminally unique, and most of us are aware that this ‘option’ is not limited to youth. Continue reading ‘Happy’ is an event

Making Memories and Planning Plan Be

regent 1Tuesday was a gorgeous autumn day in London and a dear friend and I spent the entire afternoon walking through Regent’s Park celebrating as we conspired with the Universe about how we will make a positive difference in the world. The dialogue was non-stop, as richly textured as the beauty of this spectacular open space in the central London… Continue reading Making Memories and Planning Plan Be

Compassion defining Humanity

Yesterday I made an international flight and due to traffic en route to the airport, the run to the plane was nonstop. Taking my seat I was aware that there was something unusual about the man sitting beside me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. At some point during the flight I realised that he’d been staring at the same page of a magazine for a very long time, his eyes open. My feeling was that he seemed lost, and my thought was that he was grieving.

Twenty minutes from our destination he suddenly turned to me, grabbed my arm and demanded to know, “What have you done with my wife?!”

Continue reading Compassion defining Humanity

Living: A Natural Progression

26 october 2014 blog natural steps

Last month while on retreat at Sanctuario La Verna in the mountains outside of Florence, Italy, dry days were spent wandering the amazing landscape that surrounds the monastery.The trails, including the climb to the top of Mt. Penna, are well worn by the thousands of pilgrims who walk this way on the Cammino de Francesco. Continue reading Living: A Natural Progression