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Reopening closed doors

Visiting with an acquaintance one day last week I asked them if they were willing to share with me where they were emotionally in terms of their sense of Purpose. We were in a place, La Verna, that was drenched in meaning, and it seemed an appropriate query to explore how this space and time was revealing what was profoundly meaningful in their life and the impact it might be having on the state of them realising their dreams.

Willingly they began to speak, the first comment being that no one had ever asked them such a probing question. 

Less than a dozen words into their response however, their brain took over and began to spin the dialogue in an opposite direction as they started speaking about regrets, guilt, mistakes, wishing and hoping.

Before it could take the next twist into the depths of self-shame and blame, I reminded them that life is too short and too long for these mind games. It was time to grow on and the first step was self-forgiveness and compassion for others. I asked the question that I’ll put to you now;

oct 3 2014“Don’t worry about how, but if you had the ability to reopen any door, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, that you’ve closed, what would it be?”

The floodgates opened and tears fell…

Tears are the breaking birth waters of wisdom that open our hearts and minds and when we follow them they will lead us forwards in time. Suddenly, what appears as solid as stone is revealed as ice and illusions begin to melt.

What door, portal or gate do you have the courage and will to open today? 

2 comments on “Reopening closed doors

  1. Adriana says:

    This is such a profound question. So many of your questions seem to have the effect of lifting me out of the illusion of linear time.


  2. landscapesinger says:

    In anticipation of a dream come true, yesterday I made a phone call to book my place on a beginning course for Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B, Rosenburg, PhD. Knowing that the only person that I can change is myself, and looking into family patterns has revealed errors in my understanding of how and what I feel, think and do in my conversations.This morning I had the joy of speaking about this very subject with my daughter in Australia, and she gave me a wonderful example of how I do not listen properly and can override what she is saying by jumping in with my own comment. This remark was so true for both of us, and it was lovely as truth is.
    Dearest Lynnclaire, thank you and deep gratitude for Loving Kindness. Part of my Dream is to to listen to others with open heart that they may be heard as i wish to be heard myself. Thank You. xoxox


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