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The Mereon Matrix

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Photographs to match the Memories

Thunersee towards InterlakenFrom the train looking towards Interlaken, sitting under a heavy fog bank

Looking across Brienzersee towards Gisenbach as the sun breaks through

brunig1Heading up the Brunig Pass

brunig2Heading down the pass towards Luzern

brunig3The rocky backside of Mt. Pilatus on the far right

backside of pilatusfamiliar hillsOn the bridge looking towards the greens hills I know & love…
preparing to return

The lone tree on the Brunig I’ve photographed in every season…
sentinals of time

Sentinels silhouetted in space and time…thunersee

Looking North on the train between Interlaken and Thun…

And bits of interest that were captured on the walk from the bus to the home of friends…

Energy spiralling…swiss whimseyMaterialising as matter…potted plantPossibilities, seeds, that blossom in time 🙂

What seeds will you plant today that you can commit to nurture
so they grow and produce that which has the potential to sustain your life
and generate benefits that lead to global transformation?

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