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The Mereon Matrix

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Universal Music

mereon clay taylor 

In the current edition of Science to Sage magazine, Clay Taylor makes a musical assessment of the Patterning generated by the Mereon Prime Frequency as this inaudible sound vibrates a few drops of water.

“In analyzing the Mereon Prime frequency, the nested 5-fold geometries are distinguished in all of their glory, a harmonic solution of supreme elegance. Consistent with 5-fold geometry, the image is awash in phi ratios. However, beyond this golden ratio the square roots of 2 and 3, important geometric constants in their own right, are also harmonically present. To add to what is already a miracle of a harmonic patterning, the video reveals many of the primary musical ratios including: the perfect fifth; the minor third; and the major 6th; the major 3rd and minor 6th; the minor 2nd and major 7th; and of course the octave. This may be 100% musician talk, but they correspond to some of the primary musical relationships used to compose the music we listen to daily.”

Watch this video and then ask yourself: “Knowing that this same Patterning is found in the sound of my heart and is resonating in my brain, how will my voice, my Song, generate loving tones and actions that bring healing into my world today?”

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