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Seasons and Cycles

Today as Mother Earth continues her pirouette, in the North we are counting down the remaining days of Autumn (as the kids ridiculously mark the calendar, already naming the number of sleeps until Christmas). In the South friends are shedding layers, watching as the verdant greens of Spring transform into the muted tones of Summer.

07 Novewmber 2014 blog imageLooking out the window today I’m reminded how often and how fast the internal cycles of our lives can begin to twist and take unexpected turns. The experiences of living have taught me very well to pay attention to the smell, tones and timbre of life around me, these the first indications of both internal or external change. There’s a unique smell in the air I’ve learned to detect that let’s me know when hermetic clouds are beginning to gather over the horizon. The winds that drive change are not far behind, and thus I am prepared for the emotional Winter that has the power and threatens to strip my spirit bare.

Alchemy is at play in such a season of transformation, and safety is far more important than the illusion of security. I’ve learned to pay close attention to my health and well-being, wrapping my heart in grace and enveloping my cognitive processes in mercy.

When we pass this through such time and space the world benefits by seeing our spirit flowing and growing, draped in the shawl of light as love weaves a mantle of elegant grace.

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