Boxing Day 2014

boxing day 2014 2Waking myself up from the dreaming this morning was something of a challenge but getting up to the reality in the window was more than its own reward! Choosing from over 100 pictures taken was likely to be most difficult part of my day! Unable to decide on 1, I chose to share 3!

26 december 2014boxing day 2014 bJoy to you and yours!

Christmas Day 2014

Holiday windowToday I am celebrating the divine tone that regenerates light, that which illumines the heart and mind and has the power to birth the only thing that will ever usher in the inner peace and world peace that I and so many others long and work towards;

  • Knowledge that fuses paradox and dismantles the need to be ‘right’ and make another ‘wrong’;
  • Understanding that arises from multiple perspectives and lifts all to a new point of view;
  • Wisdom that grows loving responses based on the knowledge that Truth is inclusive of infinite ‘trues’; and
  • The Realisation that Unity occurs through Diversity and diversity is Unity’s only product.

InLightenment & InPowerment

nustarThis amazing photo of our Sun was taken by NASA’s NuSTAR telescope. Seeing it catalysed many thoughts, but the most significant was how just as the Sun powers all life on Earth, the kind energy that we surround ourselves with is what dictates the conditions that determine the quality of our lives. Just as the world would freeze and die without our solar power source, the human body, heart and spirit suffers, shrivels, and fades away without the continual exposure to the sounds of Love that rebirth Light.

May today be a celebration as you freely express gratitude for those who hear your ‘song’; those who see who you are; and those who lovingly remind you where the switch is that turns on your inner Light when it feels like the energy is ‘dim’. Remember that a smile, to those we care and to strangers as well, illumines all space and lights the path we share.