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Christmas Day 2014

Holiday windowToday I am celebrating the divine tone that regenerates light, that which illumines the heart and mind and has the power to birth the only thing that will ever usher in the inner peace and world peace that I and so many others long and work towards;

  • Knowledge that fuses paradox and dismantles the need to be ‘right’ and make another ‘wrong’;
  • Understanding that arises from multiple perspectives and lifts all to a new point of view;
  • Wisdom that grows loving responses based on the knowledge that Truth is inclusive of infinite ‘trues’; and
  • The Realisation that Unity occurs through Diversity and diversity is Unity’s only product.

6 comments on “Christmas Day 2014

  1. “….you can only reach unity through differentiation, and ofcourse in turn realize differentiation through unity, they keep implying each other…”

    I forgot about the KPFK archive because Watts programs are only streamable, Friday the 21st at 57mins in.

    Sorry to hear about the bug : /

    My prescription a fresh juice with tons of organic vitamin C(lemons, limes, oranges, spinach, carrots, kale, pinch o ginger and or any other garden goodies you enjoy)

    Get better, here’s a merry tune Roy plays many times aft or fore of Mr. Watts.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Indeed! Endurance, sustainability, is the consequence of a System that operates on toroidal dynamics; existence is a continuum of cooperation where multiple points form arcing angles that guide every decision. In the process Flow is generated that creates eternally change, Transformation, life doing what life does; turning itself inside out to begin over and over and over and over and over again…
      Can you tell I’m feeling better? 🙂


  2. I heard Alan Watts sharing this perspective almost verbatim “Diversity is the manifestation of unity and unity is manifested diversely”…but I don’t think I’m quoting it precisely since I can’t find a copy on the net….or even the Watts website for purchase….guess I’ll have to email Roy 😀 I found it more interesting, because not only was he sharing this ‘idea’ but many of the peripheral elements that were harmonius with your perspective.

    ..just saw this…and well…chocolate…(i started just dipping cocoa beans in the honey jar recently no other nuts or chopping/processing)


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Brenton, greetings to you as we continue to walk into this new year! I’d LOVE to have the Alan Watts quote if you can find it! Apologies for the brevity of the response but the flu still has me by the toe nails… 😦 LD


  3. tk says:

    nice – Unity occurs through Diversity and diversity is Unity’s only product.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Thank you Tim! Consider all Nature and you will discover that this is profoundly true! I will be in Cape Town in the Spring so perhaps we shall finally meet! All the best to you and yours!


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