Landed, Safe and Sound

sunrise in san franGood morning!

Well, after a long day travelling from Europe to San Francisco, I awoke to a gorgeous and fast evolving view of the sunrise shown here from the condo that’s long been a ‘home away from home’ on the 19th floor of a wonderful condo that faces North-Northeast in the City’s Embarcadero District!

san fran sunrise 2While I’m enjoying a cup of English breakfast tea, a cup of strong coffee  from the shop on the corner is calling my name, this ‘medicine’ to be followed by a long walk along the Bay to shake off jet lag from 14 hours of travel and changing 9 time zones!

Make it a great day!

Left out, drop out or Belonging?

BelongingProjectsFind the courage to look into and through the eyes of the children, those who are preparing to inherit or abdicate the world that we, supposed grown ups, are creating.

Transformation requires that we identify and harness true wisdom. The closest place to find it is in childlike innocence that transcends our childish attitudes and foolish behaviours.

Following the Sun

san fran 2015I’m thoroughly persuaded that the greatest joy, the most amazing fun and the richest laughter comes when we realise that we are at Play in the Field of the Mother! No doubt She wears a ‘Mona Lisa-esque’ smile, watching us directly or out the corner of Her eye while She waits to reveal whatever magic moments She has up Her sleeve!

The greatest opportunity in life is to say “Yes” to true possibilities that resonate with our body, heart, cognitive capacities, and spirit. This is what we must do to make our lifetime truly ours! The challenge is always to remember that the most significant growth comes when we float in the Flow of grace without being attached to outcomes. It makes me sad to think about how much time and energy I’ve wasted emotionally or mentally dog-paddling thinking that staying afloat was hard work….

My big surprise this week, there have been many cosmic ah-ha’s of late, is that tomorrow finds me flying to San Francisco to play with dearest friends and colleagues for two weeks. The intent? Alchemy!

The Dia.Blog.ue may be ‘thin’ during this time, but I’ll do my best to keep up!

Stay in touch and continue to work together to make Magic!

Living the Quest or the questioning

there comes a timeAnd of course the ‘kicker’ in living our best answer is knowing when that answer is no longer valid. This is when we have to find the courage to take the time we need to ask the question again or find the new question. In this we are free to rediscover, speak and live our renewed answer.

Karma and Cosmic Poker

royal flushI just received an email from “LinkedIn” that brought a sad smile to my face. The notice was advising me that a friend had endorsed me for the life skill, ‘strategic planning’. Even in the face of sadness, joy was called forth from deep within as I remembered and appreciated how the bond of our friendship remains true, its truth etched in many memories. His endorsement takes on even deeper meaning for our friendship was born in a place that I dearly loved, but an all-inclusive toxic pollution made it unhealthy for me to stay there. Our connection, established during a short season of my life, remains despite the profound personal crisis that required a sad yet necessary ending.

Thinking about this endorsement called the beauty, strength and power of a Promise to conscious awareness. With it two questions were raised:

  • How often do others want us to compromise or abdicate commitments that we’ve made, to ourselves, or more importantly, to the Divine?
  • Why do we surrender our authenticity, and let others inscribe the book of our life to author our life story?

The answers it called forth were equally complexly yet simple. While many of us suffer from feeling terminally unique, ‘Terminal Uniqueness’ will not be written on any of our death certificates. Truthfully, I’ve made and required enough compromises and have suffered enough broken promises to last a thousand lifetimes. Enough is enough. No more.

Strategic planning is a life skill that must be matched by tactical planning; that must be followed by fearless operational mandates that are followed to the letter, especially when our lives and our Reason for living are at risk.

  • Morals, noble values and spiritual righteousness have nothing to do with being right.
    Living in love is never about bad-mouthing or making someone else wrong.
  • Standing upright in harm’s way is a spiritual competence that must be followed by coherent motion, not emoting.
  • Growth, love in action is first heard in the clarity of Love’s intent; but when our voice is ignored or denied, moving is what permits us to survive and indeed, thrive.

In many ways such skills are those found in a great poker player, which I am clearly not! Masters at card games hide and never show or tell. They understand the risk of ‘holding’, and know that if they blink when attempting to support a bluff or elongate an illusion, their run can collapse in an instant.

The Universe neither bluffs nor blunders, and neither should we. Pretending is to live a lie. It causes our health to fail, relationships to fall apart, and decades of Purposeful work to break down in an instant.

Living is about honouring the pain, and doing what needs to be done to get over it, healing to get on with it. Pain is a lesson, not the Course and is unnecessary to experience true gain.

The Logic of Love is the game changer. Our task is to harness the clarity, embrace the courage, and put on the yoke of love with others who share our Purpose so that with wisdom so that the Future can unfold as it must.