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The Mereon Matrix

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A Mereonic perspective on John Nash: Cooperation vs. Competition

Ch 12 Figure 220 Relationship of the Sun to Earth NASAThis picture offers us an opportunity to make a sobering consideration as we contemplate the relationship of the Sun to Earth. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (August 31, 2012)

Our colleague Nick Woolf long ago suggested that that fact that we evolved and continue to survive in a fiercely competitive environment is extraordinary.  Life on this planet has long competed for resources in order to extend its duration. While mankind has evolved, our relentless quest for ‘bigger and better’ continues to intensify even though getting ‘more’ material wealth fails guarantee a high quality of life. It is precisely this quest that threatens our very survival.

While today’s most asked existential questions seem to be,‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘Why should I care?’, there is a good reason to care about this work; understanding it and living it.

John Nash, featured in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ quantified the value of an individual as being part of a cooperative unit working for the benefit of the whole. The Nash Equilibrium (1950) is considered to be the optimum competitive solution for two opponents who know each others optimal strategy.

The Mereon Matrix reveals the Nash Equilibrium to be inefficient at best. The reason is that the competitiveness it wastes time, human energy and material resources. It also encourages manipulation, deviousness and outright deceit.

In comparison, the competence implicit in the Mereon Matrix, demonstrated in the educational project known as BeLonging where kids use the strategy of communal cooperation that is based on ethical values and prior agreement.

The results leads to a realisation that transcends hope.

The ‘kicker’ is how to get adults to stop acting childish so to renew the childlike joy found in awe and wonder that generates curiosity and cooperation.

5 comments on “A Mereonic perspective on John Nash: Cooperation vs. Competition

  1. adriana says:

    The Nash Equilibrium sounds depressing and cold. Thank goodness for The Mereon Matrix revealing a new and better knowledge from a kinder, gentler realm. The adult world is so exhausting with its constant rules of “compare and compete.” The BeLonging Project is a beautiful antidote to all that.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Adriana, Thank you! Remember that the BeLonging Projects are about true education; we are revising it to include all the new learning; courses for teachers, businesses, and individuals who want to transform their lives and relationships. What is happening right now with this work is awe inspiring and my being overflows with gratitude!


      1. adriana says:

        That is exciting to know that the courses will accessible to everyone. So many of us desire transformation.


    2. Lynnclaire says:

      Adriana, organise one in your area!!! 33 people for a 3-day course is enough to get me there!

      Liked by 1 person

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