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Crossing the Arc of Time

bridgesToday is an exceedingly busy day. My calendar is filled from early morning until late tonight with conference calls that bridge too many time zones. On top of that there are new documents waiting to be written, and others demanding to be completed and sent.

Yet what is spiralling through my ears to connect my body with my heart; the strand that is weaving heal wounds and link many pointed and poignant thoughts; what is inpowering my innermost realm and tying the love knot with my spirit… is one of my favourite musical albums. Filled with truly healing music it is “Songs for the Inner Child” by Shaina Knoll. Granted, it is a radical shift from the music that echoed across the Negev at  the Healing Music Festival I just attended, but it is this day the balm, the healing elixir that is vibrating every cell in my being.

The song playing on ‘repeat’ is entitled, “RETURN AGAIN”.

Return again, return again

Return to the land of your Soul

Return to what you are, return to who you are

Return to where you are

Born and reborn again

Return again, return again,

Return to the land of your Soul

Return again, return again

Return to the land of your Soul…

  • What is the land of your soul?
  • Where is your Home?
  • Who is your true Family?
  • What bridges must you cross in order to return?
  • How many connections have you broken that must be repaired to safely return?
  • How many potholes are there in the path that you must mend?
  • How many cobblestones will it take for you to build a new bridge to the never-ending present with Eternity?

Today my intent to consciously reinforce the seams that bind me with those I love, those with whom the Bond of Love is Timeless.

I invite you to do the same.

To walk beside us and participate in this, please connect here!

2 comments on “Crossing the Arc of Time

  1. adriana says:

    What a beautiful photo! Just reading those questions awakens a feeling of remembering. I love these questions and am going to read them daily and see what answers arise. I was able to find the song “Return Again” on Amazon, and am listening to it now. It is lovely!


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Adriana, I’m sending love from under a deep ‘To Do’ pile! Pass it on! Healing and liberating ourselves for Love has never been more important than it is this moment.


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