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A New Day to Renew The Promise

Love KnotToday is a new day, the first day of the rest of your life. How do you want to experience what it is to be the beloved, to be well and truly loved this day? Receiving such love, how will you return love in kind?

Too often we think about tomorrow and carve our schedules and plans into stone forgetting that our next breath is a promissory note not a promise. To breathe is a gift; to celebrate life is a choice. To live your Purpose on purpose is the only reason for living. Our physical bodies are an opportunity, a temporal loan to transit this space we need to think of as a Lunch stop on the Journey Home.

To glide on heaven’s rainbow and dive into a river of joy we flow towards bliss as long as we allow grace to be the elixir poured on body, heart and spirit. In this space we can weep an ocean of tears and bathing in this brine we are healed and blessed, and loneliness is carried away like spindrift on a wave pushed by a mighty wind.

Love mends every hole and dries every tear, the terminus of guilt that allows infinite peace to overflow. Put down your guilt edged swords and let your words be only of love. Find the courage to re-attune to the universal MUSIC and allow a new beginning to begin again.

Invite the Cosmic Mother, the heart of the Universe who holds and protects the Father, the one whose seed gives rise to every beginning, to show you their Dance steps.

Such Love spirals the rainbow path, but it is up to you to walk it, self-determination, your decisions, defining the quality of your life.

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One comment on “A New Day to Renew The Promise

  1. adriana says:

    Such beautiful and uplifting words….the rainbow path. The Pattern is resplendent in all those colors.


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