The Power of Freedom

requiemMy awakening and freedom came in three experiences of dying, events that cremated every imaginable fear, most notably the fear of death. While living isn’t always easy, the good news is that the Love I discovered in dying lifts my heart and lightens my thoughts and inpowers my spirit whenever I let it! In love’s timeless embrace the truest miracle happens –I don’t have to do life the hard way!

For 28-very incredible years it’s been my honour to work with an amazing team as we’ve unfolded the knowledge called the Mereon Matrix, the arcing angles that clearly define the invisible threshold that connects living this lifetime and the next. Knowing that death isn’t real after being pulled back into life against my will, was what let let me say ‘Yes’ when given a choice to return or stay. I freely admit that it wasn’t an easy decision. However, my agreement to return came with a caveat: the Universe had to cooperate! My intent was and remains to live wholly and fully through the understanding of how life and death, and science and spirit are interconnected; my passion and purpose to make this, the Logic of Love, known by co-creating experiences of realationships.

Incredibly, this complex Matrix has indeed revealed precisely such a simple Understanding! Its found in the ultimate Love Knot, the rainbow tied by the arcing angles of fire and water. Are you ready to Dance through space and time knowing that a common Source inpowers every cell of every being? This connection is true and when we open our hearts, attitudes and hands it lights every step and intersection on our path.

Imagine that the Universe –what ever you consider Divine, Goddess, God, GoddEssence, or an angel– spoke, appeared and offered you the Cosmic Key to Freedom. Ask yourself the following questions then pause to think carefully about your responses before reading on;

Would you accept this Key if it was crystal clear that doing so required you to free yourself from every form of physical bondage? Would you say “Yes” to releasing your heart from fear? Could you live if doubt was banished from every thought and attitude? Would you have the courage to fly if the wings of your spirit were unclipped?

If you want to know more connect by email, or better yet, join us in Tel Aviv next week! While we can also gather information by following the blog, remember that true learning comes through experience!

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laughing outloudWhile technology for communication has never been greater, I doubt has there ever been a greater challenge, to individuals or groups, to actually do so in a meaningful way; dialogue that leads to measurable outcomes that are personally and collectively significant.

In the relatively brief period of recorded human history, why it is that this epoch of technology has led to the advent of instant interaction at previously unimaginable distances yet dialogue and relationships are unraveling?

Why is it that at a time when the natural sciences are rapidly revealing their processes, that communication in the social sciences is muddled, at best, between people who want to know and be known?

In a world where the bright lights of media are turned on 24/7, why is it that they seldom if ever seek to illumine, clear or help pave the path towards world peace?

Today’s music scene is a vibrant fusion of global sound, and yet, while the internet gives us instantaneous access tens of thousands of radio stations, what it is that keeps us from coming together and inviting the world to do more than sing a simple song?

What will it take for us to free ourselves and release the true Human Spirit so we can co-create a universal harmony?

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Lessons in Patience

Yesterday after arriving back in Europe following a two week adventure in the USA, I went to empty my suitcase only to find that the TSA, transportation safety authority, in San Francisco had done me a ‘favour’ after inspecting my bag; they locked it. The only problem was I didn’t have a clue what the combination might be!

Desperate, needing to do laundry and repack in time to make the next step on my adventure, travelling to Spain Friday afternoon and then on to Israel next week, I admit that my first inclination was to take a crow bar or a bolt cutter to it!

However, my sister Jytte has a PhD in patience and so it was that she rolled it over to the breakfast table! Knowing there were ‘only’ 999 possible combinations, she sat with it, her brain and fingers determined to find the 1 that worked! Incredibly, an hour later she found it! Those who know me will laugh as it’s a numerical Pattern I know very well and it’s probably the only sequence I didn’t think to try!

While I’ve learned that there is definitely a point where patience ceases to be a virtue, life teaching me that long-suffering is not a talent or gift, I am grateful for those friends who have infinitely more patience than me!

If you could KNOW one thing…

2_18 Feb blog 2015Imagine that in the first breath that follows your reading this post that whatever or whomever you consider ‘Divine’ was to physically stand before you and audibly speak to you…

Imagine that their gift to you was Knowledge, a simple understanding that transcends any brand of faith, erases all doubt, and miraculously, eradicates fear…

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Authorship and Authenticity

my lifeWhat’s the story you’re living? Is it a lie or is it your life?

The Dance of Love is the ultimate Musical and is never confused with a chorus line. Conformity is antithetical to the Laws of Life.

  • What would change if you stopped living old story lines, especially the scripts that others wrote, directed and produced?
  • How would your world change if you no longer agreed to act out on stages that others built?
  • What would it take to leave the chorus line and start dancing to your inner drummer?
  • Can you harness the strength of self-respect and with courage finally tear down the old props that have kept you stuck in place, affixed to another’s mark?
  • What would happen if you spoke your truth, no longer repeating the lines and lies, obeying someone else’s rules?
  • What’s possible if you called an end to the lip-sync and walked away from bogus bands to find your voice and sing your song?
  • If you left old troupes might you find your true tribe?

Find the courage to end the drama and exit the theaters that are not true playhouses. Embark on your life and find your own way in the High Play that is life. End the ‘going along to get alone’ and discover that one free breath outplays the hyperventilating gasps of survival. Become the author of your life. Authorise your playbook and determine your life-course, to discover that when authenticity is audible, and visible, it is measurable, meaningful and magical.