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Authorship and Authenticity

my lifeWhat’s the story you’re living? Is it a lie or is it your life?

The Dance of Love is the ultimate Musical and is never confused with a chorus line. Conformity is antithetical to the Laws of Life.

  • What would change if you stopped living old story lines, especially the scripts that others wrote, directed and produced?
  • How would your world change if you no longer agreed to act out on stages that others built?
  • What would it take to leave the chorus line and start dancing to your inner drummer?
  • Can you harness the strength of self-respect and with courage finally tear down the old props that have kept you stuck in place, affixed to another’s mark?
  • What would happen if you spoke your truth, no longer repeating the lines and lies, obeying someone else’s rules?
  • What’s possible if you called an end to the lip-sync and walked away from bogus bands to find your voice and sing your song?
  • If you left old troupes might you find your true tribe?

Find the courage to end the drama and exit the theaters that are not true playhouses. Embark on your life and find your own way in the High Play that is life. End the ‘going along to get alone’ and discover that one free breath outplays the hyperventilating gasps of survival. Become the author of your life. Authorise your playbook and determine your life-course, to discover that when authenticity is audible, and visible, it is measurable, meaningful and magical.

2 comments on “Authorship and Authenticity


    Hi Lynnclaire

    I don’t honestly know how to appropriately introduce Captian Vadakayil,(meandered there recently) whose blog’s only rule is….follow your conscience,

    except to say his view’s may be considered contra verse ial by some,

    but I have not belly laughed so much when reading…

    whilst having some interesting intuitive inclinations bolstered(his take on Ghandi strikes a chord in me I read Mohandas’s auto bio with great disappointment…I reflected more reading one chapter of your book (A Footprint) than that entire one…..I honestly didn’t even finish it and skipped ahead to discover he DID’nt even cover the most important things in his life….) ,

    in addition to thinking of you…. When reading about….Om mantra 7.83-7.84Hz creating patterns in water(the Mereon freq is 7.97 yes?)….math and geometry as it relates to the creator’s infinite spiraling….and of course lovely art THAT points to knowledge.

    The righteous groove shifting betwixt the two sections fittingly led by the drummer…I REALLY want to learn sanskrit now…..


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Brenton, it’s always good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your reflections on ‘A Footprint in Eternity’. It makes the pain I went through writing it worth the focused aim! One of these years Part II will get done! Hey, maybe even part III… ! Yes, you recall the frequency correctly, and you will love what’s coming! Stay tuned! Love from the Bay Area!


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