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If you could KNOW one thing…

2_18 Feb blog 2015Imagine that in the first breath that follows your reading this post that whatever or whomever you consider ‘Divine’ was to physically stand before you and audibly speak to you…

Imagine that their gift to you was Knowledge, a simple understanding that transcends any brand of faith, erases all doubt, and miraculously, eradicates fear…

January 15, 1987, 10,250 days ago, my life was transformed by such Knowledge. Dying presented me with the Logic of Love, its personal meaning linked to a Purpose for my life. While this experience permanently changed altered my life from inside out, a medical crisis 3,021 days, 20 hours and 48 minutes into this adventure eradicated ‘relativity’, as it once more turned my world inside out and upside down. While standing on the precipice of Eternity someone asked me, “Lynnclaire, if you were given the opportunity to share one statement with the world and upon hearing it, people would know that it was true, and accepting it as truth their lives were transformed, what would that message be?”

In that instant it became clear to me that the Universal Mind has an open channel to our hearts because my response was immediate. “You are loveable.”

A dear friend was in the room, and unaware of what had just transpired, instantly responded, “Thank you. It’s true.”

  1. How would your life change if you knew you are loveable?
  2. How would your world change?
  3. How might the world change?
  4. What will it take to remember you are loveable?

You are loved. You are the Beloved. Your capacity for loving is boundless. In loving freely remembrance flows and you know what it means to belong. The Life force of the Universe rides next to your breath and on this continuum of grace forgiveness fuses with gratitude.

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