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Lessons in Patience

Yesterday after arriving back in Europe following a two week adventure in the USA, I went to empty my suitcase only to find that the TSA, transportation safety authority, in San Francisco had done me a ‘favour’ after inspecting my bag; they locked it. The only problem was I didn’t have a clue what the combination might be!

Desperate, needing to do laundry and repack in time to make the next step on my adventure, travelling to Spain Friday afternoon and then on to Israel next week, I admit that my first inclination was to take a crow bar or a bolt cutter to it!

However, my sister Jytte has a PhD in patience and so it was that she rolled it over to the breakfast table! Knowing there were ‘only’ 999 possible combinations, she sat with it, her brain and fingers determined to find the 1 that worked! Incredibly, an hour later she found it! Those who know me will laugh as it’s a numerical Pattern I know very well and it’s probably the only sequence I didn’t think to try!

While I’ve learned that there is definitely a point where patience ceases to be a virtue, life teaching me that long-suffering is not a talent or gift, I am grateful for those friends who have infinitely more patience than me!

2 comments on “Lessons in Patience

  1. vonchris says:

    Patience is a virtue. Thanks for posting. This post made me smile.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Anything that can make anyone laugh is reward enough for living and writing! Thanks for sharing!


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