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laughing outloudWhile technology for communication has never been greater, I doubt has there ever been a greater challenge, to individuals or groups, to actually do so in a meaningful way; dialogue that leads to measurable outcomes that are personally and collectively significant.

In the relatively brief period of recorded human history, why it is that this epoch of technology has led to the advent of instant interaction at previously unimaginable distances yet dialogue and relationships are unraveling?

Why is it that at a time when the natural sciences are rapidly revealing their processes, that communication in the social sciences is muddled, at best, between people who want to know and be known?

In a world where the bright lights of media are turned on 24/7, why is it that they seldom if ever seek to illumine, clear or help pave the path towards world peace?

Today’s music scene is a vibrant fusion of global sound, and yet, while the internet gives us instantaneous access tens of thousands of radio stations, what it is that keeps us from coming together and inviting the world to do more than sing a simple song?

What will it take for us to free ourselves and release the true Human Spirit so we can co-create a universal harmony?

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