What is your Message?

31 march 2015The walls of of Tel Aviv offer me constant reminders that the gift of life is short. Many of the thoughts these artists offer make me want to unwrap every breath, and drive me to make each word meaningful. But they also remind me that writing on walls is a lazy way to communicate; that taking positive action is the heartbeat of making our lives matter in ways that are beneficial and measurable.

Everyday situations faced in this country, never mind what’s reported on the news, compel me to remember that happiness is not a continuum. A fleeting moment of bliss is a point of grace. I’ve stopped confusing joy with a smiley face, and understand that it’s being free to experience and express what ‘Is’ in any moment. Sharing this journey, my life, is riding the Rainbow of Love, the path is a constant arc that carries me into the eternal unknown. Walking this narrow middle path transcends hope for it allows me to ask others to hold my hand through the inevitable moments of self-doubt, and the divine carries me through despair whenever my emotions erode my ability to speak (yes, it happens). The Logic of Love that’s been identified in the architecture of the Mereon Matrix, a ligature that connects inside and out, science and spirit, is a method that is meaningful. By connecting local and global and uniting physical and spiritual, it bonds emotional and temporal, and enjoins thinking and intuition.

How we live our lives is our message. Every day my best efforts are to make what is meaningful simple. I’m the first one to admit that there are times when I miss the mark, but far worse, are the opportunities when I don’t even come remotely close to the target. But awareness is what lets me forgive myself, apologise to others, and change.

What is your Message today? How will others learn from your method?

Balancing and Reflecting as Self-Centering

happiness dancing and reflectingSeveral days ago while out with friends, watching this beautiful child joyously engage with his reflection, it was crystal clear that he was also paying very close attention to his family! Because my brain naturally sees an inverse perspective, I suddenly became aware how this ‘darkened’ plate of glass would appear as a cubic space, and saw how it was more than a metaphor for the realm that we adults often find ourselves trapped in. It was once again clear to me how often we forget that freedom isn’t about needing to break something down; more often than not the truest breakthroughs in life come from our being willing to simply turn around.

Every day we are given opportunities to turn, and yet so often we over-think and twist our heart and spin our time away, and in our dizziness we are unaware of what has passed us by.

Today and everyday it is your choice to live wholly and fully.

What will you make of this remarkable Chance of a lifetime?

Moon Shadow InPowering InLightenment

_IGP0070Every single breath is an opportunity to Discover Your Youniverse, every moment a chance to live ‘Plan Be’, making best choices in the moment without being attached to a particular outcome, this always the seed of pain.

Our lives are interconnected at unimaginable levels, and each of our concurrent realities reveals the unique way that we are active and whole participants in a deeply unified multiverse. Join me in remembering that ideas in our heads, and those that we imagine as being inked on paper –like these– are simply cosmic post-a-notes. For me every entry into the DiaBLOGue is a short love letter. They are intended to serve as reminders to myself and anyone who finds them meaningful, that living in Love is the illuminated progress we make in our journey towards the illusion of dying.

Take care not to carve any idea in stone, and please don’t hide them inside your head or heart! Why? Because being human means both these organs slam shut on a regular basis. When you find a thought or an idea meaningful, write it down as a ‘memos-to-self’. Put it some place where it’s visible so that when you need inspiration it’s available! And take care to remember that what you find something personally meaningful, its most often because it is a reflection of a universal truth. Pass it on! Such golden nuggets carry wisdom that can help all of us change our minds and behaviour. The important thing to remember is that we must do so as often as necessary based on what truly matters to you.

Well-being means making sure your day has gaps, empty spaces where you can take time for yourself. As the total eclipse happens tomorrow, lighten up and make new decisions that let you grow in grace and gratitude! Take time to write down your dreams to that you can share them with others who are called to help you bring them to light. Every day is a new day for you to become the true author of your life story, and yes, it may well include authorising revisions! This evening I leave to travel south into the western desert where I’ll be meditating with my Tribe for 3-days. Join us from wherever you are as you observe in real space or the Mind’s eye as we participate in the awe and wonder of creation as a sliver of the Moon shadow slips across the Sun over our heads. I look forward to sharing what will no doubt be an amazing adventure, Advent-tour, when we return to Tel Aviv on Sunday.

In the Fleeting Congress of a Cosmic Kiss

17 MARCH 2015 BLOGHarmony is anchored in place as the Love Knot forms, two finding and celebrating the Unity that arises only because of their differences. Genesis begins as they set Time and Space into high play, and as one cosmic spiral moves from South to North, an invitation is issued for the other to join them. As they turn as one, they meet anew at their shared point of origin.


The Divine Connection so many seek is found within, the Life Source of the Universe that rides beside every breath. In the fleeting congress of this universal kiss, North and South, and East and West meet time and again, forever One.

Learning to handle our inner world with care is a daily task. Self-care is what allows us to lightly touch those we love and engage in true relationship in ways that eradicate the fears that Ego’s shaky hand has so largely writ, attitudes hammered into our brain and heart.

When Ego finally loses its grip, doubt falls away and as our heart open, and new thoughts come into clear light.

As we leave old comfort zones, we enter the Flow that carries us into the Zone, and there we learn that the essence of vulnerability is the lifeblood of vitality.

Take good care of yourself today, and remember that while the Love Knot is indeed a narrow path, the flow of grace is endless, deep and wide. Infinitely flexible, as you float, you will find that you cannot be be bent or broken, and their is no fear of breaking. Allow your body, heart, thoughts and spirit to be carried and cradled by the Source of all that Is, knowing that what will be already is present. Effort only for your centre, the point where Love is pure and simple, and confusion will fall away as it must, fleeing in the presence of Love’s clarity and light.

Embers of Fire

16 march 2015 blogAs a holographic ember of Consciousness living on this small and glorious blue orb, you arrived on the planet with all the necessary hardware and software to live a meaningful existence. To make a positive difference in your life and world you don’t need any special adapters. Within you is all that you require to transform and evolve, for the only thing you can change is you. Do so and the world around you takes on new form.

Today may you find the courage to uncloak the brilliance of your Morning Star and allow your inner light to illumine your Path and keep it clear. As the sun sets, remember that you are a unique expression of the Universal Soul, present to illumine the world.

This and every sunset is an opportunity to release all that does not serve you into into the light, inviting what remains, what belongs, to be cleansed and returned on the morning light.