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The Mereon Matrix

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Losing to find yourself Found

Sunset Jaffa Tel AvivSunset, Jaffa Tel Aviv, Israel

Too often in the quest for enlightenment many lose the deep connection with their bodies, and in the search for their heart they abandoned reason. Many run away from family, religion and material possessions in search of ‘true Family’, the intangible, ineffable nature of ‘Spirit ’.

How do we know that this Source, that which generates the life force of our universe, truly is?

Because we feel it in the presence of unconditional Love, the state of being where joy, grace and synchronicity flow like magic. As we float in this current we are aware of what ‘is’, and have no need to judge anything unless we bump into something that pulls us under water or throws us on the rocks.

Today true knowledge is available that lets us understand that our body and spirit keep us upright and forward focused on what truly matters. The Mereon Matrix is an invitation to discover how: the body is the instrument for the heart; why the brain is the heart’s willing servant; how intuition and instinct are our connection to the passed and the future; and why every breath we are given moves us through time and allow our spirit to bring new light to our world.

Imagine the moment of discovery and recovery that comes with realising that you are the treasure you have long sought…

2 comments on “Losing to find yourself Found

  1. Adriana Devoy says:

    Beautiful words! The last sentence is very powerful.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Adriana! Love to you from Israel where life is bright and the light is real and growing stronger! I know with all my body, heart, brain and spirit that we are on the threshold of transformation! Lynnclaire


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