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In the Fleeting Congress of a Cosmic Kiss

17 MARCH 2015 BLOGHarmony is anchored in place as the Love Knot forms, two finding and celebrating the Unity that arises only because of their differences. Genesis begins as they set Time and Space into high play, and as one cosmic spiral moves from South to North, an invitation is issued for the other to join them. As they turn as one, they meet anew at their shared point of origin.


The Divine Connection so many seek is found within, the Life Source of the Universe that rides beside every breath. In the fleeting congress of this universal kiss, North and South, and East and West meet time and again, forever One.

Learning to handle our inner world with care is a daily task. Self-care is what allows us to lightly touch those we love and engage in true relationship in ways that eradicate the fears that Ego’s shaky hand has so largely writ, attitudes hammered into our brain and heart.

When Ego finally loses its grip, doubt falls away and as our heart open, and new thoughts come into clear light.

As we leave old comfort zones, we enter the Flow that carries us into the Zone, and there we learn that the essence of vulnerability is the lifeblood of vitality.

Take good care of yourself today, and remember that while the Love Knot is indeed a narrow path, the flow of grace is endless, deep and wide. Infinitely flexible, as you float, you will find that you cannot be be bent or broken, and their is no fear of breaking. Allow your body, heart, thoughts and spirit to be carried and cradled by the Source of all that Is, knowing that what will be already is present. Effort only for your centre, the point where Love is pure and simple, and confusion will fall away as it must, fleeing in the presence of Love’s clarity and light.

3 comments on “In the Fleeting Congress of a Cosmic Kiss

  1. Julie says:

    Love to you Lynnclaire. ❤


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Julie! How are you! Hugs back to you from Israel, where you can only imagine what is going on… I am deep in the flow! I’ll be in the US the middle two weeks of April; let’s catch up! xox


      1. Julie says:

        Oh wow, yes I can imagine. 🙂
        All well here…so deep into the journey of Life and cosmic unfolding!! Rich and exciting and often uncomfortable eh? Hugs from all, and grace on your travels!


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