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Balancing and Reflecting as Self-Centering

happiness dancing and reflectingSeveral days ago while out with friends, watching this beautiful child joyously engage with his reflection, it was crystal clear that he was also paying very close attention to his family! Because my brain naturally sees an inverse perspective, I suddenly became aware how this ‘darkened’ plate of glass would appear as a cubic space, and saw how it was more than a metaphor for the realm that we adults often find ourselves trapped in. It was once again clear to me how often we forget that freedom isn’t about needing to break something down; more often than not the truest breakthroughs in life come from our being willing to simply turn around.

Every day we are given opportunities to turn, and yet so often we over-think and twist our heart and spin our time away, and in our dizziness we are unaware of what has passed us by.

Today and everyday it is your choice to live wholly and fully.

What will you make of this remarkable Chance of a lifetime?

2 comments on “Balancing and Reflecting as Self-Centering

  1. Harlon says:

    What do they say about common sense? I know that sometimes I allow it be uncommon as I go from one day to the next, however, I do have a choice, we always have a choice, so why not step back for a moment and consciously choose to live a whole and full life. It’s a choice we may forget, but once we are aware of it, it is easy to make, easy as pie and delicious as pie too 🙂 Peace, Harlon


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Harlon, Good morning from Tel Aviv! We are agreed. Choices are a reflection of the precious gift of human will. The opportunity is to make our choices consistent. From my perspective, it too often seems that what masquerades as ‘common sense’ is nonsense, sheer and utter spin that too many times is a lie wrapped in a thousand excuses. Worse is when one attempts to spiritualise their rationalisation. Forgetting, ‘for getting’, is what leads to greediness, grasping for more and bigger and better, that which erodes joy with what ‘is’ in any moment. Love to you as you enjoy your daily slice of Joy Pie!

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