Whole and holes

whole heart
Remember that whole
is what you are.

Discover that living
in wholeness is ‘holiness’.

Loving awareness
is the only way
to pave the potholes
you encounter in the Path of Love.

Growing from the space of wholeness
is to breath consciously,
this the fastest way
to move every
emotional ‘boulder’
off the Path as well
as the irritating
mental grit
and the pebbles
that get stuck
in your shoes
and make you limp.

Living with an open heart
and open attitudes
is to walk wholly in Love,
Loving the only way
to consistently experience
loving kindness.

Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

_IGP4819 (1)Waking up at 05.32 in the morning while dealing with 10-hours of time change has brought me closer than ever with the sounds and Song of the Universe. The reason is the bird song starts an hour before the sunrise as these winged creature welcome a new day. Continue reading Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

A Meta Beyond Metaphor


world in a love knot webMeta: “after”, “beside”, “with”, “among”, “beyond”, “adjacent” and “self”

Metaphor: a figure of speech where a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

Every day brings a reminder that breathing, an autonomic function, is the Universe offering us another opportunity to welcome ourselves to our lives. Meditation is important to my life, and pausing to take mini-breaks, conscious breaths, over the course of a day is my way to more fully experience life and express gratitude to the Source of creation. Doing so instantly focuses me and in that moment I come to appreciate her willingness to cooperate as I live and evolve on this grand adventure.

The universal Love Knot tied by the Mereon Matrix is more than a metaphor. It is validated as a ‘Meta’, a universal description that charts the emergence of matter and the growth of a living or life-like system. (You are a living system; your relationships are ‘life-like systems.) This simple Pattern has long been my True North and my terrestrial compass but I’m the first to admit that simple in no way means easy. Every challenge arises in my humanness; when in forgetfulness or choosing to ignore leads to my eyes, heart, brain or hands closing. Small wonder that my feet are suddenly stuck. When this happens I too often forget, ignore, or become insensitive, and failing to pay attention forget what I know; that there comes a time when the best thing to do is sit down and shut up.

Lately I’ve been paying attention to the ‘normalized’ triggers that lead to the reactions that only do one thing: get me in trouble. Frankly, I’m pretty weary of the pain that lets me realize that I’ve lost the sense of dynamic balance that lets me hit the only mark worth targeting, love. When responsive, responding to the best of my ability –my response-ability– my eyes, heart, attitudes and spirit are open, and where she leads is inevitably to a truly amazing place.

Today my intent is to remember that living wholly and fully is a consequence of my willingness to remember and allow myself to flow with the arc of grace that eternally carves and clears the narrow middle path.

Boundaries, Bubbles and Reflection

hOMe2While my skin’s a real boundary that most people respect, what causes way too much pain and frustrates me to no end is how often strangers, acquaintances and worse, family, don’t think twice before taking a pin, finger or razor to the structure that best defines my emotional realm, a bubble.

As a result of too many painful lessons, I’ve learned how to protect my feelings. While it may seem paradoxical, it’s being open and willing to be vulnerable. The logic is that there are two things that I know of that can go through a bubble without breaking it; 1) light and 2) another bubble. Since living this way I’ve learned that the most dangerous things I can do with my feelings are to hide them inside my heart or worse, my head. Why? Because getting at them whenever necessary is critical and the truth is my heart and brain are not always as open as I want them to be.

Being open-hearted and open-minded is the only way I know to insure emotional safety. The willingness to be curious and vulnerable are critical to authenticity for they are key words to describe the quality of openness. Better still is that when necessary they can pick the locks I put on my emotions and thoughts. Without curiosity boredom sets in and we become susceptible to manipulation and mental machination.

This morning I was hanging out with friends as we celebrated one’s birthday and rejoiced in the fact that while we’ve all suffered, not one of us is suffering or dying of terminal uniqueness! It was a time of high play, seeing again how when we come together and get real, the potential for something can be seeded, quickly sprout and incredibly, begin to grow. Design, develop and evolve what works for you and you’ll quickly come to the realisation that your choices determine the quality of your life. When our decisions are well-reasoned, richly seasoned and deeply considered, ‘either or’ goes away and life truly becomes High Play!


diamond (2)The quality of your life increases as your capacity for self-awareness expands, and developing good self-care is critical to growing relationships where there is mutual caring and acts of compassion. In a rapidly changing world the constant cultivation of perspectives sets the cornerstones that are essential to building strong relationships in place.

The Mereon Matrix is a dynamic template that shows how to make meaning measurable so that Love is infused with the capacity to endure. We invite you to take a few minutes to explore how this work applies to your life. And if you find these thoughts meaningful, please check out prior posts and subscribe to the Dia.BLOG.ue! And if you would, take heart and pass it on, for in a world where lives are being torn apart by fear and an epidemic of loneliness, we have the opportunity to catch and spread a virus of Love!