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A 36-Hour Day

Pushing the “Publish” button is always something of a personal challenge when it comes to sharing what’s going on in life. Rising to the challenge is a critical part of my journey, and vulnerability is doable only because I remember that like it or not, none of us are terminally unique.

slip sliding awayYesterday, April 8, was a 36-hour day that seemed to stretch on forever as I followed the sun on the long flight from Tel Aviv to San Francisco. During the trip many memories caught up with me, and as they raced through my head more than a few impacted my heart. Some were sweet but other were painful. Even though I had a seat where I could stretch out and sleep, I found myself wide awake and spent a lot of time walking up and down the aisle. The theme inside my heart was about how it feels to be or feel judged, wrongly accused. You’ve been there, right? How much have you suffered because another said you weren’t good enough? Yesterday, the arrow that hit the bulls-eye, my heart, was a shot someone I dearly love took when they said I wasn’t smart enough to do something that in fact, I have actually done.

During the flight I realised that those who set themselves up as accuser, judge and jury only have the power to do one thing: imprison themselves. But the tragedy is that it cuts them off from Love. Those who self-righteously set themselves up as arbitrators of right and wrong, good and bad, or true or false will one day wake up to realise that they sentenced themselves to ‘hard labour’, separating their body, heart, and spirit from true love. Thinking long and hard about what it is to free ourselves from the chains others place on us, I realised that the only way to do so is to open our hearts, lift our own attitudes and release our spirit to fly.

I found myself asking myself a hard question, wondering and realising that too often the limits I place on another, are in fact limits I place on myself. Today my intent for myself is to reinforce the strength of character it takes to live with love; to harness to courage to find and embrace authenticity; to live and love with clarity while growing into all I’m meant to be. Life is too short and too long for anything else. Live fully today, aware that far too much is lost when we ignore what is real and true simply because of the illusion/delusion that it’s easier to put in earplugs and wear blinders to ignore what we don’t want to hear or see.

5 comments on “A 36-Hour Day

  1. Maria Sol says:

    OMG & Yours 🙂
    What a Glorious Realization & Commitment!!!!
    Sure do Love & Thank YOU!!!!!


  2. Harlon says:

    This posting is resonating with me…and I am enjoying the resonance. Peace & joy, Harlon


  3. Julie says:

    you are loved!


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Oh Julie, so much love to you! Looking forward to hearing how you and the boys are doing!


      1. Julie says:

        Yes! 🙂


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