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Shoes, Energy Drains and Energy Gains

shoes, time and travelRemember the ‘miraculous’ experience I mentioned the other day, flying from Israel to California and somehow escaping jet lag? Well, it was true until last night…

Driving back into San Francisco from the Sacramento Valley I needed to find a way to spend a few hours while someone finished cleaning the beautiful apartment I’m staying in, and it seemed like the perfect time to look for a desperately needed a pair of shoes.

At 17.00 I entered a mall and two hours later left without a pair of shoes. To my horror, I got back to the car and was unable to find the car keys. Strangely, but thankfully, the key ring that had held the card that lets me into the building’s underground parking was there as well as the house keys. Dumping my purse out on the trunk of the car, when they were nowhere to be found I took a deep breath and returned to the mall to retrace my steps.

The first stop was the shoe department in Nordstrom’s, long my shoe shopping heaven but last night an unbelievable miss for shoes and car keys. Two more stops brought the same result and I knew my best hope was calling to see if the woman, a friend, who was cleaning the apartment was still there, and asking her to see if there was a spare set. Thankfully she answered and better still she found the extra set of keys. She then told me how to take the metro back to the city, sharing that it would drop me off five blocks from the building. While this brought a flood of relief, unfortunately my body took that moment to run headlong into the proverbial brick wall. It was after 21.00 and walking to the Metro station I realised that now that I had a smart phone I could use Uber! Registering while I walked, 5-minutes later the driver picked me up and we were bound for the Embarcadero! Opening the apartment door, I found my friend Pamela waiting for me and together we made the trip out to the mall on Metro and after a ‘scenic’ tour of areas unknown, it was after midnight when I finally found myself horizontal, even though my body, now back on Tel Aviv time, wanted a cup of strong coffee and breakfast!

As physically challenging as this little adventure was, what was more emotionally daunting was doing what needed to be done to protect my health – sending an email to cancel brunch this morning with a friend I’d been looking forward to catching up with. Of course, she understood and we’ll meet later this week.

So, today’s a day off, and kicking back to watch missed episodes of Mad Men, day-dreaming and yes, write, I’m enjoying letting my brain chill while honouring what my entire being wants and more importantly, needs.

One comment on “Shoes, Energy Drains and Energy Gains

  1. Harlon says:

    Dear Lynclaire, sounds like quite the adventure. Perhaps not one you would have originally wished for – that moment of where are my keys can seem like absolute panic, but I think in many ways that, if we allow, our lives do auto-correct – doing what you needed to do to protect your health, being considerate and rescheduling brunch and last but not least, catching those last few episodes of Mad Men – perhaps it was all just a test and that was your reward 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to share in the adventure. Peace & love, Harlon


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