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BeLonging and Longing

13 april 2015 blogHmmm… Maybe this is a way to rethink about how we build our inner worlds,
renew our community and find out where we are in the Universe….?

The Embarcadero, San Francisco, California USA

Four days into my smart phone has me doing a lot of rethinking. I am the first one to admit that my yearning to go ‘Techno Monk’ is growing, never mind that more than once I’ve wanted to toss my phone into the San Francisco Bay! I’m sadly beginning to understand why it is that in this era of high tech gadgets that make interaction at unimaginable distances virtually instantaneous that so many relationships are unraveling. At a time when natural science is rapidly revealing her process, it’s clear why the social sciences are muddled —at best— and huge gaps of misunderstanding so often separate those who express wanting to know and be known.

While these bits of technological wonder definitely support communication, what’s too clear is how these units of plastic, glass (?), wires and a silicon chip are placing steep barriers to meaningful dialogue. The opportunity is obviously to know when it’s time to put it down and turn it off! Time and again my experience bears out that harmony arises when we’re eye-to-eye, and when we feel heart-to-heart while doing the belly-to-belly Dance! When we’re moving as One, honouring differences but celebrating sameness, the resonance helps us identify shared priorities and mutually make and keep the promises that let us harness the power source that ignites visions that are measurable.

Today I am living the Dream, walking in the world with individuals who are committed to working together to generate outcomes that are personally relevant and collectively significant. My heart overflows with gratitude.

We’d love to hear from you if you have the courage to do more than dare to imagine being part of a Family that has the Collective courage to breathe life into The Dream while singing the New Song.

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