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Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

_IGP4819 (1)Waking up at 05.32 in the morning while dealing with 10-hours of time change has brought me closer than ever with the sounds and Song of the Universe. The reason is the bird song starts an hour before the sunrise as these winged creature welcome a new day. Being in the Middle East, a corner of the world that feels so divided by black and white, it’s an amazing way to welcome the dawn, emotionally surfing the rainbow that separates the paradoxical duel between light and dark.

This morning my day began as an ‘ah ha’ pulled me out of sleep at 05.32, and the pleasure and awe of soaking in it while it unfolded in the silent stillness was incredibly juicy. So it is that this moment, sipping my daily mug of java juice albeit an hour early, while following the ‘red thread’ of that awakening moment, I find myself understanding –all too well– why so many feel trapped in the space they define by grey. Remember that we’re not doomed to ride the fence and from that perch observe life as a spectators. We’re meant to be full participants, co-creators, of what Is and what has the potential to be. My task is to remember this today, especially as the heat builds, a condition that makes it a bit too easy for me to spin in space!

Today I will pirouette in the flow so not to get dizzy from closed-eyed, over-thinking. I accept one more time that my task is to find and occupy my centre, that sacred space from which the Dance always begins. From there I will ride the Love Knot, the rainbow that allows me to evaluate without leaping to conclusions knowing that life is all about distinction and perspective. Just writing these words, Love’s Rainbow has tightened the ligature that connects all the parts of me, and is this moment healing the black and blue bruises, self-inflicted wounds that came from forgetting when I momentarily beat my spirit, head or heart with black and white thinking.

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