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More and less than a handful of anything

enoughThe simple truth at the heart of all matter is this: we are made of stardust. For me the heart of the matter is HOW we’re made, and my response is that like every form of ‘star stuff’ what we are is mixed and stirred and shaken with the One hand of Love!

While we all know that there’s a lot of shaking still going on, you might wonder how much stardust is inside of you!

While the answer is complicated, it was easy to find by looking it up at! It’s all about how many hydrogen atoms are in our bodies! When you know the answer to that the math is simple! 🙂

“The rest is stardust. Our body is composed of roughly 7 x 10^27 atoms. That is a lot of atoms! Try writing that number out on a piece of paper: 7 with 27 zeros behind it. We say roughly because if you pluck a hair or pick your nose there might be slightly less. Now it turns out that of those billion billion billion atoms, 4.2 x 10^27 of them are hydrogen. Remember that hydrogen is big bang dust and not stardust. This leaves 2.8 x 10^27 atoms of stardust. Thus the amount of stardust atoms in our body is 40%.”

This line of thought was kick started when I read my friend Harlon’s post this morning (the link is below). It required an immediate response, to him as well as a reminder to myself. Wondering if he is more than a handful of pills that keep him a life, I extended my whole-hearted agreement with his friend Joanne who assured him he was far more than 2 pills, writing:

“Bravo Joanne. You said exactly what I thought the instant I read Harlon’s post. Dear Harlon, isn’t it great to know that we are so much more than the fleeting ideas that run screaming through our heads? I long ago learned that the belief, an idea that is static, and that the idea that our ‘thoughts create our reality’ is another existential lie. If my thoughts created my reality I’d have been dead a long time ago, betrayed by my own body, heart or hand; or I’d be wearing prison orange for the countless times the sick idea… “I could kill them…” or “I wish they were dead…” ran through my brain. This is not immoral; it’s just the stinking thinking and attitudinal habits that we, mere mortals, succumb to and suffer from now and again. The good news is that when such nonsense to our attitude sniffer it’s stink usually doesn’t escape our eyes or our mouths. This is important because it’s this kind of attitude that kills gratitude and relationships, quickly taking our body, heart, brain and spirit apart. It destroys inner peace and kills time, these the most precious gifts we have that let us freely experience what Love is really all about.

You are loved my friend.

In those inevitable moments when we don’t feel loved or loving, if we stop to truly realise that this is true today our experience instantly changes.

                                       The link to Harlon’s Blog 

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