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Remembering and ReCognition


Yesterday friends and I were doing something most of us do even if we hate to admit it, shopping at Ikea, and as we approached the elevator with our cart the doors began closing. Arriving first, I sawa that inside was a young mother with her son who was sitting upright in the cart. While she tried in vain to reopen the door, there simply wasn’t time, and letting her know there wasn’t room for us anyway, as the doors closed I softly said “Ciao caro!” . Looking at me with the widest eyes, he was clearly on the brink of tears.

Three minutes later we came off the elevator, walked around a corner and there they were. The instant he saw me he broke into the widest smile and waved, surprising his mother and grandmother. Obviously, I went to speak with them, and was stunned to learn that he, Caio, was only 9-months old! More than once we ran into them in the store, and for both Caio and I, every time we met was like a reunion!

One of the things I love about Europe is that if there is an empty seat at a table in a cafe or even a restaurant on the train or land, more often than not a fellow traveller asks to join me. Curiously, not once has a North American ever done so.

So here’s my question:

How often do you encounter someone who feels ‘familiar’ and say nothing? How much richer might your day -your life- be if you made eye contact, smiled and simply said, “Good morning!” –doing so, in the language of whatever country you’re in?

What joy might come into your life for such a simple response to an intuitive feeling?

What might the blessing be in initiating a human-to-human interaction?

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