Greed, emotional gluttony and spiritual starvation


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One of my Dia.BLOG.ue posts a couple of weeks ago, led to a request for an interview that I’ll be doing today… well, actually tomorrow morning my time! I hope you’ll make time to tune in live and participate, or at least listen later! It’s time to understand that ‘Enough is enough’ is about more than food.

The post that kicked it off was this one;

The link for the interview is here:

The HeART of every New Day

fingerpaintingA day without intentionally putting a paintbrush in the hand of my inner 5-year old is a day that my grown-up self suffers. Dilettante though I be, it is through art that it becomes clear to me that intimacy is pausing to look deeply into time to see what’s possible. From there comes the light of realisation that every day is an easel, and the return of the dawn’s light magically places a fresh canvas before us.

Our choices are the palette, and we create our life with our words, eyes, hearts and hands.

Paint your day using a rainbow-hued array of watercolors, playing until your heart is content. Do so with full awareness that the Love creating Eternity is the frame for your masterpiece and your community is your gallery, and miracles become ordinaries.

Identity at Issue

Storks and birth

I love the elegant beauty of a real stork, and totally get the whimsical nature of these birds. However, I really don’t get the connection with babies, as any attempt at logic fails me at every metaphoric level. Do you have any idea what we humans have to do with big nosed fowl with fat bodies and long skinny legs who build huge open nests on top of tall roofs and have penchant for chimneys? If you can explain it to me, please do. And then there’s another issue; while the stork may account for ‘the birds’, what happened to ‘the bees’?

Too many times I hear people defining themselves, saying they’re ‘this or that’ because they were born into a particular family, live in a specific country where they are immersed in a unique culture, or that their job makes them who they are.

My brain no longer understands this kind of fuzzy logic. While astrology is interesting to me, that’s not what I’m talking about. The point swirls around the following, which are just a few of the questions that come up for me:

While many of us were born hospitals, only a few of us grew up to become doctors or nurses, right?

If where we are born actually means something, the logical implication is that if someone is born in a garage they’d be an automobile.

So, what about babes who arrive in the back seat of a taxi? Clearly that doesn’t mean their destiny is to be a cab driver.

I recently read a story about a woman who gave birth on the street somewhere in America. Apparently she seriously misjudged her contractions, and missed the bus she planned to catch that would get her to the hospital on time. I sure hope that doesn’t mean that little one feels doomed to be homeless and live on the streets.

Like you, I’ve met a lot of people who gave new meaning to the expression ‘nuttier than a fruit cake’, however I doubt any of them could lay responsibility for their craziness on the doorstep of a bakery, which would be their logical birthplace.

Who are you really?

The Flow of Passion and Purpose

The Flow of Passion and PurposeWe are independent products of the unity that is Space and Time, yet we are inseparable from it.

It is our responsibility and the right of a lifetime to reconnect inside and out, flowing with the coherent Pattern that links them. This Pattern is the ultimate Love Knot that defines our lifetime and our lifeline. It is our inner connection, and interconnects us with that which is inaudible and audible, invisible and visible

What connections would you like to make today?

Life is too short and too long to let any excuse or anything get in the way of your doing so!

Attitudes and Gratitude

This morning while thinking about the depth of my gratitude for my family and Family of friends, those who share in every aspect of my life and Purpose, my mind wandered into the open field of Understanding. Once again it was a refreshing time to pause and contemplate how in this domain of the heart the wildflowers of acceptance to be perennials.

gratitudeNot surprisingly, this contemplative moment led to reconsidering the notion of tolerance. With it came the memories of the times when a smiling face masked a closed mind; when fancy clothes and jewels were used to hide a walled and padlocked heart; and when a supposedly relaxed posture, arms simply tucked behind one’s back, was revealed to be a pose that hid clenched fists.

Voltaire, one of my favourite philosphers and advocates of freedom, asked “What is tolerance?” And them immediately answered his own question, saying “It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.

Today may we forgive ourselves, and then ask another for forgiveness. In doing so we will open the Flow of gratitude that leads to understanding and true acceptance, the Source of actions that lead to positive change.