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Emotional Sinkholes

Cultural diversity is a beautiful reflection of Mother Nature. Just as She continually shapes, uses, and recycles the energy that formed all matter, so too, our familial and communal traditions establish our identity. At equal effect are the shared value ‘norms’, which become the foundation that supports what matters in our lives.

12 july 2015 diablogue

One of the pains of being human happens when we stumble, or worse, let our bodies, hearts, heads or spirits be pulled into an emotional sink hole. These abysses form over time, doubt chiseling away at our soul just as dripping water turns a boulder into a grain of sand. Worse, is when we are careless with our words and they chip away –or act like a jackhammer– to make such pits even larger.

Years have taught me that when I realise my words or deeds have caused another pain, the best ‘first thing’ I can do is to forgive myself. Forgetfulness, its causes legion, incites behaviour that is incoherent with our spirit. When this happens I’ve learned –still learning– to willingly enter the hole, accepting it as a rite of passage, another karmic cleaning. Inside, the journey is to attend to what still hurts and ails my spirit, while realising that this like every experience is an opportunity to remember what I too often forget; that Love is the fundamental Unity that connects me with everything, and everyone.

When the gaps in my memory are filled in the next course of action complete the rite and make things right by asking those I’ve hurt for forgiveness.

While we are often wounded and wound by sharp-edged words, the Love Knot cannot be severed.

2 comments on “Emotional Sinkholes

  1. maria sol says:

    Oh you Gloriois Woman!!
    soooo Great to read this!!!!
    touches sooooo deeply & moves sooooo much!!!
    Thank You & Much Love!!!!!
    Blessed BE!!!!!!!


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Thank you Maria! Love from the Blue Ridge Mountains!


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