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Hubris, hunger and thirst

Yesterday at breakfast my entire being was squeezed in a vice grip, one side of the lock emotional, the other mental, observing a situation that brought me to tears.

13 July 2015 diablogueThe recipient of Southern hospitality, the authentic generosity of spirit expressed to the max, while eating a simple omelette tables all around me were a display of greediness and arrogance run amok. A family of 8 left enough milk, fruit juice and food —eggs, bacon, biscuits, grits and gravy, pancakes, fresh fruit and more— on the table to feed a family of 8 in any developed or developing country in the world.

Knowing the names of people who touched my life, literally, and have left this planet due to death by hunger, I lost my appetite as the bus boy cleared the table, throwing still hot food into the rubbish bin and dumping milk and juice over it. Thinking of Jane, Barnabas, Blessing, Alice and others, I choked down the last bite of my eggs and went to pay the bill.

At the checkout counter, the woman taking my money noticed my tears and asked if I was okay. Clearly not, I asked if it bothered her how much food was thrown away by people who clearly didn’t need the portions they were served. The dialogue that ensued renewed my hope that two or more can be catalysts for positive change as we exchanged information and agreed to co-sign an open letter to the chairman of board of the restaurant chain.

I’ll let you know if they respond…

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