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Emotional Sniffles and a Childlike Spirit

tearI don’t know about you, but every single time I ignore an emotional sniffle, discounting confusion or sadness, my entire being suffers. Frankly, it’s ridiculous how fast things can go sideways. More often than not, I’m the one who ends up in tears when someone gets into a snit as their brain and knickers knot. I finally figured out that giving my feelings the brush off doesn’t clear anything. It’s tantamount to sweeping the threshold of my life and giving pain permission to camp out on the doorstep. Needless to say, once it’s there, pain takes great delight in leaning on the doorbell and if I wear earplugs and blinders in an attempt to ignore it, 10 times out of 10 it’s gonna kick down the door, with guilt its most powerful partner in crime.

Several months ago it became obvious that the ‘sticks and stones’ I’ve carried my entire life were powerless to protect me. While I long ago figured out that the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but…

…your words will never hurt me.” is an existential lie of the highest order, it became obvious one night how often their remains, twigs and pebbles, beat my heart or spirit black and blue. That evening I made a commitment to consciously put down judgement, critical spirit, and every type of prejudice whenever they reared their head, realising that the event that led to my opinion was long gone. Building a bonfire, I tossed in the sticks and allowed the light to illumine my heart and sear my brain. The stones were then recycled, used to shore up my foundation.

Without the clawing need to defend, justify, rationalise, or spiritualise in the face of an opportunity wrapped as a problem, I often find myself experiencing what feels like a miracle; being free to unravel the most tangled problem and in the progress revealing the simplicity of what is true for me.

Listen very carefully when you hear a childlike whisper or whimper resonating deep within your heart. This piece-of-self secures your cosmic umbilical cord, your eternal connection with the Source of Love, and calls out only to you, becoming palpable and audible for cause. Hearing what this still small voice has to say, is critical to creating experiences of happiness and joyous relationships. The most important thing to do is resist succumbing to childish attitudes. As you breathe, harness the courage to ask for help, for only then are the Soul’s white hairs of wisdom revealed.

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