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Turning down the heat

The morning I left Israel a couple months ago it was a cool 17º Celsius, and five hours later my friend Natalie sent an email that by noon the temperature was over 39º , that’s over 100º  to those of you who think in terms of Fahrenheit. finally 2 You can only imagine how happy I was to be heading to Switzerland…

Within a matter of weeks a memory began to seep into my awareness from an unknown point in my distant past; an advertising slogan that warned, “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

finally 1Clearly She’s showing us what happens when we do so, because 2015 is on track to be the hottest year on record. For weeks a heat wave has been blistering Ticino and most of Europe. Thankfully, it finally broke last night when storm fronts rolled in from every direction bringing thunder and lightning that shook the building for an hour before the first rains came. The minute the first drops fell, the temperature dropped from 33º Celsius to a lovely 20º, 68º Fahrenheit.

Waking up this morning after a wonderful night’s sleep, it was blissful to open the shutters to sunny skies and still cool temperatures. While gratitude flooded my heart, I readily admit to counting the days until Autumn, all the while longing for my first Ticino winter!

Whatever the weather is in your neighbourhood today, may your inner world be as joyous as mine is this day, filled with the warmth of love, your skies clear so your spirit can fly.

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