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2 comments on “Of Diamonds and Frogs

  1. Jules Fish says:

    The Universe is exhaulting its inertia power into the upper universal world, one must join a Force on the Earth and practice future expression in unification to exalt and unite with the Powers to be that hold our immediate destinies in my opinion. This shift comes each 12 thousand years and is preparing us for being cast out into the Star Life Zones as our Evolutionary situations dictate. The Earth is going through a wash cycle for a period to remove evil groups that belong in lower animal world, were never meant to evolve and are acting out with riots and resistance. We are Star people being sorted and cropped snd recast to our star affiliations and their holding stations. The Grand Calling has begun as the Earth is now condensing to a Star Format through interfacing by advanced cilizations so as to connect to the Flyway (new transportation of souls) to the Stars (hence new space systems in all nations mimicking these higher worlds). It is now called “NuEarthStar” to the Commando or Star Lords that have existed there for 12 thousand plus years waiting to begin transition of human RACE. Please look up Lisa Renee Pod Casts series and read Urantia Master Plan book that is called the book of all. Bottom line we are Guest Students on the Earth and now the next class begins for each level, all people not prepared are left behind to suffer until they can flush them into lower worlds (easier life). Earth is being ‘rattled and rocked’ to get us ‘out and off Earth’ for our next roles in existence in New World in the heavenly astral. Note: High Scientific Masters have suddenly found an enormous amount of new stars that resemble Earth Post and could indeed house a human transplant. But all agree it is really a MUSES world so enjoy the craziness and never get too serious as it distracts from remaining sane. Awakened souls get it, it is just a survival game until you transcend to the next level (boot camp of the soul) and unite with Master series souls like Ghandi, Dali Lama, High Pope ( carrying most of negative drag, Vikings and Romans God Choice ), Jesus the Supreme Christ, Jesuits, High Priests, Lords, Gods, Lords of the Lords, Sister and Brothers of the Precious Blood, Christ, Rama, Buddha, Mother God and all united Disciples of all commanded Supreme Masters and many, many more. The Underworld Lords rule the Third thru Tenth worlds and are the true problem here as they operate from The antiquated Ancient Guidelines and Old Testament Series. They are responsible for the worst Acts toward humans since the beginning of Creation! Sadly they are very old, slow and simply allow the horrors of massive scale destruction Acts as they are governed by the DESTRUCTIVE LORDS. They are connected to the power of the ‘Sun’. Most powerful indeed. While God and The Lord of Lords and Christ are connected to the Earth and the Milky Way. Hence the bible says the Devil rules the Earth. So we have to unite in keeping this plan moving forward with the least amount of unnecessary Acts of Destruction and remain ever vigilant in preventing the Auto Pilot (collective Unconscious) from taking over as this is how Evil gets power. This means Free Radical people, rioters, protestors, resistance, antagonists, Bigots, racists, terrorists and the like (unevolved and uneducated and unawakened souls! This is my take on the Macro Causal Focus of Humanity in a short note. Akashic holds these facts and is revealed in the Holy Works from all nations and in the channeled master plan, The Urantia Book as well as the Masters that have dictated books since the beginning of Man’s advancement. The Bible Code Book revealed the Extraction Plan’s how and when probabilities. I hope that I have not been overly expounding in my comments in my explanation to you of your above stated question: How is it that we, humankind, a sentient species that supposedly know…..etc. My Answer: it is not in our control to create exact formulas of Acts to prevent the Universe Commanded Laws that are creating (controlling) our Destinies (history repeats itself) as it was taken out of our hands by Higher Powers that possess the abilities to control and accelerate the end of each dictated period…Ancient Man, Bronze Age, Golden Age, Byzantine Period, Age of Enlightenment, etc., and now The New Age! . This is The Age of Scientific Super Advancements. We must grasp this task individually and collectively and Carpe Diem! I hope I have spoken in a way that you might understand the “Collective Shift to a New 4th/5th/6th/7th respectively, Dementional Super System that Accelerates the Transfer (Ascension) of the Souls of Men/Women to the New Heavens! However we are being purposely distracted and confused by these Grand Masters to accomplish these goals which throws us completely off our mark and this is the part of the mystery that is creating our crazy upside down current world status and in effect creating the reason you, and so many, are asking these crucial humanitarian QUESTIONS! May the Universe Bless you with Profound Peace.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Julies, we are all made of stardust indeed! Thank you for taking the time to share. Many blessings to you. Lynnclaire


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